Amazon Beats Flipkart in Number of Sellers

Amazon Beats Flipkart In Number Of Sellers

Although Flipkart recently was voted to be the most preferred brand in India, Amazon has beaten Flipkart in terms of seller base. While the Flipkart and Snapdeal are busy restructuring their management team and also focussing their efforts towards brand building by acquisition, Amazon has chosen a different path altogether.

With the Big Diwali sale fast approaching, leading e-commerce brand Amazon, has managed to rope in 20,000 new sellers to its website. This gives a major fillip to Amazon which seems to have pushed to the corner as the other e-commerce players like Flipkart and Snapdeal have stolen its thunder.

But now, as reported by Business Insider, Amazon seems to be gearing up for the festive season and is silently making the right move. By including more sellers to its fold it is now providing more options to the customers to choose from.

The E-commerce industry has witnessed several changes to gain supremacy in the industry and this move by Amazon is considered one of their strategies to attain the goal. Furthermore, Amazon has also launched a platform for sellers called as “Seller Cafe programme” to help all the issues to be resolved if any.

Amazon managed to bring in 20,000 sellers to their board by its innovative scheme called the Amazon Tatkal. Under this scheme, executives from Amazon travelled the country across 50 major cities in India on a Studio-on-wheels to sign up sellers instantly. This program became popular because of the word of mouth and also because the sellers were able to get the sales from the very next day of signing up.

Although the number of sellers at Flipkart is less in comparison with Amazon, Sellers still prefer to do business with Flipkart due to its transparent service, traffic, and quick payments. Amazon has already taken a cue from Flipkart and is already working towards this to have a better platform than that of its competitors.