Best Mattress In India For 2020 - Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Mattress In India For 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


As the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’, sleep is one of the most luxurious comforts a human needs for his well-being. The better mattresses you sleep on, the better you will feel when you wake up at any time of the day. And when you sleep soundly, you are taking care of your health indefinitely. However, in India, we have more than 90% sleep-deprived citizens according to a survey taken recently. The issue of sleep deprivation and insomnia mostly affects the people living in metropolitan cities because of the vast difference in the lifestyle compared to those who live in smaller regions or states. When you lead a busy life, it becomes very crucial for the general residents to have a night of quality sleep. But the situation of both your lifestyle and your neighbours gets detrimental when you don’t own a good quality bedding.

Investing in the best mattress means investing in your health. A wrong mattress is most likely to cause you back pain, sore body, irritability and a decline in your energy level. So, it is only right that having the best mattress should be one of your top priority lists when you are dealing with home furnishing. When you have a night of quality sleep, it automatically brings positive changes in your home and work performance, and overall health state. Therefore, start investing in the best mattresses from now as I list down the top 5 best mattresses in India.

1. SleepyCat – #1 Gel Memory Foam Mattress


If you’re someone who continually suffers from body pain and soreness when sleeping, this Gel Memory Foam Mattress by SleepyCat is highly recommended and is listed under one of the best mattresses in India by many customers. This mattress is cost-effective, offers high performance and is user-friendly. It is also certified with CertiPur US (foam certification) and OEKO TEX (fabric certification). This mattress is built with therapeutical features that will help eliminate your body soreness and help sleep better at night. It comes with a 6-inch thickness with 1-inch gel memory foam and 5-inch of high-density base support premium quality foam. The gel memory foam distributes your body weight evenly on the mattress, which will then release pressure from all over your body and help relax the muscles from inside. While, the premium quality foam is to support and add extra strength, durability, and good composition to the mattress. Another plus point of this premium mattress is, it is manufactured with a chemical-free procedure. They also offer a 30-day trial for full customer satisfaction and a 10-year manufacturing warranty. Thus, SleepyCat bedding is definitely worth every penny you invest in and truly deserves to be on the top best mattress India.

2. Sleepyhead – Memory Foam Mattress


The Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress is Amazon’s best rating mattress, according to loyal users. It comes in two sizes- Queen size and King size, so it is most suitable to be used by two people at a time. It is built with breathable fabric from outside and three layers of foam on the side- comfort foam, responsive memory, and support foam which can hold any body type regardless of the body size and weight. The level of bounce it delivers will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, and pass the night peacefully without disturbing your partner no matter how many times you move. Also, the mattress comes with an outer cover which can be washed periodically for hygiene. The brand offers a 5-year manufacturer warranty and a 100-days free trial for customers’ satisfaction, which I totally agree that it deserves to be the best mattress in India.

3. Wake fit – Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress



This orthopaedic mattress from Wake-Fit brand is one of the most sought and highly demanded mattress. This mattress is also added under the best bedding in India last year winning the hearts of its loyal customers because of its four major features in it- durability, support, comfort, and smooth airflow throughout the night. The brand uses premium quality memory foam to provide excellent support to your back while sleeping and heal any form of sleep disorders. The mattress is supplied with an outer fabric cover made from premium quality quilted cotton material that is easy to remove and wash. The product is available in four sizes – single, double, queen and king size, or you can also get them specially made for you. The brand offers a 20-year manufacturer warranty on this product with a 100-nights free trial.

4. Wink & Nod Lumbar – Orthopaedic Cool-Gel Memory Foam Mattress.


Wink & Nod is one of the best mattress company in India that exists today. They put the needs of the customers first while they come up with the products, which is why customers are always happy and satisfied with the product results.

The Wink & Nod Orthopaedic Cool-Gel Memory Foam Mattress deserves to take the top position of the best mattress in India because it can give you the most satisfying slumber you ever had. It is suitable for people of all ages, especially those with back pain problems. This mattress is neither too soft nor too hard, which is just perfect for your back or the other parts of the body and will help you sleep better and comfortably at night. The top layer of the mattress is of polyester fabric which is designed for breathability and luxury, and the cool-gel memory foam for endless comfort. If you are not sure about getting this product yet, the company also offers a 100-day trial program to the customers where you can use the mattress and experience it real time right at your home. Additionally, they also give a 10-year manufacturing warranty!

5.Dreamzee – Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress


The fifth product to enter the list of the best mattresses in India is none other than the Orthocare Memory Foam Mattress by Dreamzee. Crafted with additional support at the edges to prevent from sagging, it comes with a thick and large mattress which is very suitable for Indian Families. It is built with a 2-inch Visco memory foam which was developed by NASA that is guaranteed to relieve you from stress and give the most comfortable sleep. Additionally, it comes with a premium Euro Top finish quilted cover adding to the comfort and support while sleeping. The mattress is also crafted with a heat-sensitive material which is highly recommended for those with spinal problems and back-aches. The brand offers five years of manufacturing warranty to ensure maximum customers’ satisfaction with the product.

6.Wake-fit Dual Comfort mattress- Hard and Soft

This mattress scores to the list of the best mattresses in India because of its unique dual comfort mattress. It is super convenient for those who are sleep-sensitive and prefer to sleep on both firm and fluffy surfaces. This mattress is made with one side that has a firm cushion while the other part has a spongy texture so you can use either side depending upon your preferences and the change in climate conditions. The soft side of the surface is advised to use during summer, and the hard surface can be used in the winter season. The Wake-Fit dual comfort mattress promises a deep and healthy sleep, and thus, justifies as one of India’s best memory foam mattresses.

7. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress

Kurl-On is another one of India’s largest selling beddings and a trusted brand. The Dream mattress comes in a 6-inch Queen sized spring mattress and in various colour choices. Like any other products of Kurl-On, this mattress provides excellent support to the backbone while sleeping and provide you with the most comfortable sleeping experience. The primary material is made of spring, and the upholstery of polycotton, which makes it totally safe and okay even for people who suffer from obesity, to comfortably sleep on it. Additionally, it is designed with knitted fabric, which makes it look aesthetic and royal, adding to the high-grade features of the best mattresses in India.

8. Flo Ergo – Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

The Flo Ergo memory foam mattress was crafted after experimenting around 120 different combinations. It comes in a 6-inches thick mattress made from poly foam fabric with responsive properties. Which means, the bed reacts according to the level of body pressures. The mattress is not just thermally sensitive but has been efficiently designed to take any type of body shape which lays on it. The lower the body weight is, the lesser the corresponding reaction will be and the higher the body weight is, the greater the support reaction the body will receive. This makes any individual feel light like a feather and provides a peaceful sleeping experience. Along with the remarkable features, the mattress also comes with a unique aloe vera infused gel zippered cashmere cover, whic

9. Wink & Nod Lounge – Essential Comfort cool-gel Memory Foam Mattress

The second product from Wink & Nod to enter the list of the best mattresses in India is the Lounge Essential Comfort Cool-Gel Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress is built with four layers – removable and breathable mattress cover made of bamboo fibre material, Cool-Gel memory foam, high-density support foam, and a non-slip base layer to ensure optimal support and temperature control. Thus, this mattress has been explicitly designed to give you deep sleep and help relax your body muscles after a long, exhausting day. It is a revolutionary mattress made of non-toxic materials that helps rid your sleep deprivation and takes you into magical dreams. The product is also certified with CertiPur US (foam certification) and OEKO TEX (fabric certification), and offers a trial period of 100-days and a manufacturer warranty period of 10-years!

10. Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding

This mattress brand has been running in the business for quite a long time ever since it was first introduced to the market back in the year 1994. It is a wholesale supplier company that has been delivering a vast range of quality products and winning the trust of its loyal customers. In short, they offer the best quality mattresses with the cheapest possible costs. The Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding is one of their top selling products that give you a luxury feel and experience. The product is built with an imported micro-fibre filling, giving you the most comfortable and a night of sound sleep. It is designed with elastic straps on all the four corners of the mattress, fitting perfectly on your bed.

The Ultimate Guide When You Purchase A Mattress

Getting the perfect mattress for your bed is what we all want when we go for mattress shopping. So, the following points must be kept in mind when you go for mattress shopping.

a) Focus on the mattress size

Note that the size of the mattress differs from India and that of the western countries, so it is highly required to measure the size of both the mattress and your bed before proceeding to a final decision so that the mattress would be in sync with the size of your bed. The usual standard sizes of the mattress all over the world are Single, Twin, Twin XL, Full or Double, King, Queen, California King, etc. However, in India, you usually find only up to four sizes – Single, Double, Queen, and King. The single size standard measurement is (72 X 36) to (75 X 36) inches, the double size ranges from (72 X 48) to (75 X 60) inches, the Queen size from (72 X 60) to (78 X 60) inches, and the King size from (72 X 72) to (78 X 72) inches. However, you can also get it customised according to the size of your bed.

b) How thick should your mattress be?

Another significant point to keep in mind when you are shopping for a mattress is the thickness. That depends on your body built or body weight. Although nowadays the model thickness of a mattress is 10-inches, it is also good to take into consideration on how thick the bedding should be depending on the weight of your body. Let’s delve into more details by checking out the five different levels of thickness you can find in a mattress:

  • Low Profile MattressesThey range from 2-5 inches and is a perfect fit for a more modern bedroom or people who prefer beds that are not too high. This is not recommended for heavy people.
  • Thin MattressesThese range from 5-8 inches thick and are recommended for lighter people as they exert less pressure.
  • Standard Mattresses They range from 8-12 inches thick and are made with spring, foam, and latex. Recommended for heavy people.
  • Medium to Thick MattressesThese mattresses range from 12-20 inches and give great comfort and support. They are recommended for people towards the heavier side.
  • Very Thick MattressesThey are the thickest mattresses you can find in the market, and it ranges starting from 20 inches and above. Although they are rarely seen in the markets, they are assured to deliver a luxury feel and is most suitable for heavy people.

c) Level of comfort

As important as the size and thickness of a mattress matter, the mass of comfort a bedding offer should be on the top priority lists. The mattress should be able to adjust to the sleeper’s body to help straighten the spine and prevent pressure points from developing. For that, the topmost layer of a mattress is subjected. Beddings like the memory foam or the latex mattress are proved to give maximum comfort to the users.

Types of Mattresses Found In India

1. Coir Mattress
This mattress type is made in India and is available in India alone. Although it can be quite uncomfortable to sleep on, they are the most economical and eco-friendly mattresses available on the market.

The coir mattress has a firm base. The firmness can cause discomfort and pain.
They are economical. The pain can become worse if you have stiffness or back pain.
They do not exhibit motion transfer. These mattresses do not last very long.

2. Spring Mattress

Spring mattress exhibit motion transfer whenever you move around on the bed, offering great comfort and rest.

The spring mattress is a bouncy mattress. It is a medium-durability mattress.
The mattress provides medium comfort for back pain. This mattress exhibits motion transfer. Hence, when your partner moves around, it can disturb your sleep.
The mattress is a medium-priced one.

3. Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress has an open cell structure enabling it to retain the pressure and remain even after you come out of the bed. Thus, we call it a ‘memory foam mattress.’ They are suitable for both side sleepers and paunch sleepers.

This mattress has a high conforming ability quotient as it tends to mould according to the body pressure and spread the weight equally over its surface. Support wise; the foam mattress is not the ideal one to have. These mattresses are way too soft for that.
It is the best mattress for spine pain, shoulder pain as it features state-of-the-art pressure relieving technology to eradicate the building up of pressure on your body. If you are a person that loves to toss and turn while sleeping, this mattress is not the right choice.
The highlight of the memory foam mattress is that it helps maintain the perfect body temperature while you sleep. People sensitive to high temperature will find it difficult because the mattress contributes to sweating thereby resulting in restless sleep.
It works on a unique technology whereby it responds to body temperature accordingly. Memory foam mattresses can smell a lot because of the chemicals that go into their production. The smell usually subsides after a few days.
The memory foam mattresses are perfect for spinal alignment.
The polyurethane present in the foam protects the mattress from dirt thereby making it free from allergies.

4. Latex Mattress

This type of mattress is built with latex textiles such as rubber trees, poly-foams and other materials offering natural bounciness, temperature regulation, and ability to adapt to any type of body shapes. Hence, it gives relief to your back and shoulder pain.

The latex mattresses offer excellent body contouring. Latex mattresses are renowned for providing superior pressure point relief. The latex mattresses emit volatile organic compounds during the manufacturing process. The strong rubber smell dissipates within a few days.
Talalay latex is more comfortable than Dunlop latex. They are the best mattress for back and neck pain. These mattresses are available online. It is challenging to find a store where you can test them out before purchasing.
Due to the rubber content and foam grid, these mattresses have a higher degree of bounciness. Latex mattresses are the most expensive of the lot.
As these mattresses have natural materials, they provide a relaxed sleeping surface that does not retain heat.
The hypoallergenic foam resists the formation of moulds, mildew, and dust. Hence, these mattresses have a longer lifespan.
The natural materials used in the manufacture of these mattresses make it an eco-friendly mattress.
Latex mattresses are renowned for exhibiting excellent motion isolation. It makes it easier for you to sleep undisturbed even if you share your bed with a person who tosses and turns frequently.

5. Re-bonded Foam Mattress

Re-bonded foam mattresses are created together with pressure from reclaimed foam and scrap foam. They are more reliable than the coir mattresses because of their compressibility, cushioning advantage, and energy absorption.

The re-bonded foam mattress enables you to get better sleep and refreshment. NFoam mattress can be inflammable because of the chemicals they use in the glue. It can also release toxic emissions. Hence, it is not safe for children.
It is the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain. It provides additional support to keep the shoulders and spine in natural shape. One should buy a CertiPUR-US certified mattress. These mattresses are not available in India at the showrooms. You have to order from online retail shops.
Re-bonded foam mattresses do not have springs, but they provide a similar bounciness. One should buy a CertiPUR-US certified mattress. These mattresses are not available in India at the showrooms. You have to order from online retail shops.
Of all the foam mattresses in the market, the re-bonded foam mattress is the least expensive. Though they are inexpensive, you have to watch out for shipping and returns policy before buying one.
As they use recycled materials to stuff the mattresses, it is an eco-friendly mattress.

6. Airbed mattress

Airbed mattresses are inflatable mattresses, which we usually use it for guest accommodation. This type of cushions are super light, comfortable, foldable and can be easily stored in cupboards.

The airbeds are flexible as you decide the level of air inside the bed. You can increase the firmness or make it bouncier depending on your compatibility level. The most significant disadvantage of the airbeds is that they are vulnerable to punctures and leaks. You can repair these leaks and punctures.
These airbeds are the best mattresses for side sleepers with lower back pain. Airbeds come with one side flocked, or both sides flocked. It is advisable to have it flocked to both the sides to increase the comfort factor.
These beds do not suffer from sagging as you can always inflate it with more air whenever you need it. Some air pumps can be noisy.
Airbed mattresses do not absorb heat from the body. Hence, they are comfortable
The PVC material used in the manufacture of airbeds is odourless.
The airbeds are highly portable.

Tips And Ideas To Keep Your Mattress Clean

Cleaning or doing house chores could be the most annoying thing to do! – well, for those of us who hate cleaning, at least. Many of us don’t fret cleaning our mattress unless we are faced with unfortunate situations, like staining or spilling. We believe it’s a tough chore to do and often skip with an excuse. However, it is as simple and easy as it is! While there may be no unwanted stains and spillage, beds are often covered with dust mites and bacteria. So, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

1. Wash Your Bed Sheets Regularly.

Before anything else, the first step to always keep your bed hygienic is to wash your bedsheets regularly. Everyone wants to sleep comfortably on a clean sheet with a pleasant smell, and not only that, sleeping on a clean sheet helps prevent dead skin cells from settling on your mattress, thus, reducing the dust mite population as well. So, it is highly essential to wash the bed sheet, along with pillowcases every week.

2. Hot Water Is The Best Friend.

Another great tip to remember is that washing the sheets and cases with hot water works three times better in removing all the unwanted elements and keeping your bed clean and hygienic. The water temperature should be at least 60 degrees to entirely eliminate dust mites and bedbugs effectively.

3. Vacuum It!

Speaking of mattresses, many manufacturing companies have declared in the past that vacuuming is the only best method to sanitize your mattress. To achieve effective results, you need a high-performance vacuum cleaner with a good HEPA filter power. Furthermore, keeping the bedding under the sun for an hour or two also helps to clean and disinfect the mattress.

4. Let It Breathe.

As much as we all need fresh air and sunlight for rejuvenation, your mattress needs it too! Leaving the windows and doors open is another effortless way to make your mattress clean and dry. Make it a habit to repeat this routine every morning for good hygiene.

5. Stubborn Stains? Try This DIY Trick!

One of the worst fears of sleeping on a mattress where you’ve invested a lot is staining or spilling liquids on it. It can cause because of those nights when you get wasted, or by your cat, or by the natural periodic phenomenon. And to make it worse, some stains turn out stubborn, adding to your distress. There is a smart trick for these times where many moms and influencers have vouched for it and proved it worked. All you need is-

  • A roll of paper towel.
  • Baking soda.
  • Distilled white vinegar or Vodka (optional).
  • An empty spray bottle.
  • A vacuum cleaner.

Spray an ample amount of the vinegar on the stained area and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Make sure to keep the windows and doors open for an increased air-flow to accelerate the process. Next, using the paper towel or rags, blot the mattress layer and soak up the vinegar, but do not press down too hard as the liquid may go down deeper. After the blotting, spread the baking soda evenly on the area and let it sit for several hours (3-6 hours). Remember, the longer the hour, the more effective the result will be. As the hour passes, the baking soda will soak up the vinegar and become cakey. For the final process, vacuum up the baking soda from the mattress for few times until you are satisfied, and voila!

Myths And Facts About Mattresses

Shopping for a mattress is one of the most stressful things to do because you get to hear this and that from all corners and you’re stuck with coming to a firm decision because you’re not sure whether to believe it or not. If you’re one of the many who suffer from similar situations, it is time to learn about the myths and facts of mattresses so that, the next time it happens, you’ll be aware of the misleading information.

The more money you invest in, the better the mattresses are. The price tag of a mattress does not guarantee comfort. You may find one with the best quality mattress available in the market, but it is pointless to pay that amount if it doesn’t cater to your comfort and needs. At times, a low-cost mattress can provide you with better satisfaction than the pricey ones.
A firm mattress is the best type! Most people have the wrong notion that the firmer a mattress is, the better it is for them. It may be true to some who suffer from back pain, but it’s not for everybody. When you lay down with your face facing upward, your shoulder and hips naturally get support from the mattress since humans have a natural ‘S’ shape spine. However, that can put pressure on your vertebrae leading to unwanted back pain. So, look out before you blindly go for it!
You should flip your mattress regularly. We are in an advanced world now. Flipping your mattress is not required today since the majority of the manufacturers make only one-sided that do not require flipping, although rotating it in the initial 2 months is recommended for long-lasting.
There is no need to clean the mattress if it has a protector. Another common myth or misleading information about mattresses is that there is no need to clean them. No! It is unquestionably necessary to clean it regularly. If you’re still wondering, mattress protector exists to protect your mattress from spillages or dirt, not from dust mites and other allergens.
You should change your mattress every 8-years. While most people believe that mattresses should be changed after every 7-8 years, it is not entirely true. Just like how a particular product lasts depending on the way you use, beds can also be used shorter or longer than what the industry proclaims. That includes how you take care of it, how much you sleep on it and also how much activity you have during the night. So, even if the mattress brand guarantees you with a 10-year warranty, if you don’t take proper care of it, it may last only for a few years.

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