Booking Bus online

Booking Bus Tickets Online

We live in a Golden age of Technology that has given us access to large amount of information, most of which we use make our everyday life easier.  This article will discuss the use of online bus tickets, a miniscule entity of the e- ticket universe.

A few years back, the idea of sitting at the comfort of home while ordering bus tickets online would have seemed farfetched. There are many options for booking as well as cancellation of tickets. The transaction involved is secure and immediate. The brands that offer online bus tickets are bringing in more offers and innovative features to bring in more loyal customers.


Redbus began its operation at Bangalore in 2006.It was acquired by Ibibo groups in 2013.In 2015 it went international with offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Rebus has brought in new features that allow customers to book tickets on bus which are already in transit, provided the bus is nearer to them. It also has an app with geo tagging features aided with GPS.The app shows an ETA allowing customers to book on the go.


TicketGoose began its operation in 2007. It deals with more than 5000 bus destinations throughout South India. TicketGoose allows customers to avail benefits through channel partner outlets which incorporates several channel partners as well as several ticketing agents.

TicketGoose also has an app to make booking simple efficient. It has a “Bus Tracking” option which can track the bus routes also the shortest distance between their location and the boarding point. They have also tied up with United India Insurance to offer the benefit of travel insurance to the customers.


Paytm was launched in 2010 by One97 Communication. Paytm like it competitors offers several bus services .It offers several travelling experience like offers on tickets payments and cash back  on booking. Paytm also has a customer service dedicated to online bus booking.

Paytm also has a Paytm Wallet which can be used to make payments online payments while making sure that the payment is secure online. Paytm app has the option of booking tickets along coupons and cash backs that can be availed during checkouts.

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