ClearTrip Ties-up with Uber

ClearTrip Ties-up With Uber

The online travel portal Cleartrip now integrates with the global ride online firm ‘Uber’ to initiate an Application Program Interface (API). The best part of the initiative from both the companies is that you will get local activity/event recommendations alongside requests to ride.

All the Uber users can book a ride and at the same time discover local restaurants and places using the Cleartrip app. The marketing manager of Cleartrip Mr Subramanya Sharma was excited about the recent partnership and he said, “The new collaboration with Uber will give users multiple options of the best places around them with an option to share a ride with Uber. The whole idea of the collaboration is to provide travel solutions to the customers who are willing to spend their money”.

With this collaboration between Uber and Cleartrip, all the Cleartrip users will get notifications in their mobile app. With the app notification, a Cleartrip user can book an Uber cab while travelling to the airport or the nearest restaurant.

Currently, Cleartrip offers more than 15,000 activities across 200 categories in over 50 cities in India. The activities that Cleartrip offers are night treks, dance, outings, hiking, trails, photography, go karting, adventure, yachting and many others.

There would be more users booking cabs using the Cleartrip recommendations and the reach of Uber among the travellers will definitely rise up in a quick time. The best part of this Collaboration is that now users do not have to switch between two apps to book their share rides and hotel bookings. It will be very convenient for those who love to travel within the city and do not have their own transportation. All they have to do is, get the Cleartrip app and through this app book an Uber ride.