Easy to Remember Guide for buying Sunglasses

Easy To Remember Guide For Buying Sunglasses

“Turn your Face to the Sun and the Shadow falls behind you”.
You not only need the courage to face the Sun, you also need a good pair of cool sunglasses. A perfect Sunglass not only protects you from harmful sun rays, dust, and pollution but also accentuates your style quotient. There are several articles out there helping you to find the right pair of glasses, but eventually, you’ll have to consider the following points:

  1. Choose the sunglass based on the Shape of your face
  2. Buy the one that you can use it for many years
  3. Usefulness of the Product
  4. Comfort level
  5. Cost-effectiveness of Branded Product
  6. Precautions to use

Consider the shape of your Face

As a rule of thumb, the shape of the sunglasses needs to be opposite to your face. For an instance, if you have a round-shaped face, you can choose for a square or a rectangular shaped sunglass. Likewise, if you have a square shaped face, you can opt for a round shaped sunglass.

Go for the Style

Always invest in a good eyeglass that never goes out of fashion (or at least will be in vogue for a long time).The shape and style of few sunglasses never go past their prime irrespective of what the trend of color or outfit is the flavor of the season. It’s safer to bet on these so that you can use it anytime.

Check the Usefulness

It’s not enough just to think about only the shape and style while investing your money on the eyewear. You’ll have to ponder on the purpose of using it. If you are buying it for an outdoor activity like playing cricket, the requirement differs. Likewise, using it when you are riding a bike or when you are swimming. Hence, you have to bear the end use in mind.
Never Compromise on Comfort

No matter what style or shape you are planning to go for, if you are not comfortable wearing it, it’ll be of no use. As a general rule, never go for the one that is too big or too small for your face. It should always fit your face with the utmost comfort level and you should not feel uneasy.
Go for a Reputed Brand

Although you might be tempted to purchase the eyewear by spending less money, you are risking your eye and comfort level. It is, therefore always a good idea to buy glasses from a reputed brand or Online Stores like Coolwinks or Lenskart where they sell genuine original glasses only. They never sell counterfeits!

Never Buy Sunglasses Marked as “Cosmetic”

The glasses labeled as “Cosmetic”, is meant for a medical purpose and not for a style statement. It does more damage to your eyes rather than helping you. You should stay away from them unless medically prescribed. There are few people who have learned this the hard way. So, learn from their mistakes!

To wrap it all up:

Good Sunglass is more of a need than want. You must spend time and do your due diligence while buying it. I’m sure you will appreciate the time and money spent later. You can make use of the topics discussed above to base your opinion for making the ultimate buying decision.

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