Flipkart Brings Back Its Former Employee Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Flipkart Brings Back Its Former Employee Kalyan Krishnamurthy

After a string of top-level executives quitting Flipkart, there is seem to be some fresh change at Flipkart. As per Business Standard, In order to bring back Flipkart to its earlier glory, Binny Bansal, CEO of Flipkart has succeeded to bring back its former employee, Kalyan Krishnamurthy. Krishnamurthy, who had earlier left Flipkart and had joined Tiger Global (which incidentally is an investor in Flipkart) will now be heading the categories division, the role which he reprised during his earlier stint at Flipkart.

With this inclusion, Flipkart hopes to give a tough competition to Amazon which recently had announced of pumping in $3 billion to Indian e-commerce Market.

Of late, Flipkart is in the news for all the bad reasons, This includes their senior players quitting the company , Its valuation being marked down by many business analysts and risk of losing the number one player in the e-commerce space to Amazon.

Krishnamurthy, who had done a brilliant job in his during the early days of Flipkart and had helped it to be the #1 destination for online shoppers, Having said that, it is also important to note that Amazon, had still not started its operations in India during that period.

But now, the situation has changed. Flipkart who’s valuation has been marked down by several business analysts with mounting pressure on it from all quarters to cut down the loss, and Amazon with its impressive expertise and its bank balance, it looks like a herculean task for it.

If at all, Krishnamurthy able to bring back Flipkart to its past glory, it will be a turnaround of sorts for him and the company.

Binny Bansal, in one of his emails to his employees, had urged to get the basic straight by focusing more on the customers by delivering quality products at the right price and right time. Flipkart, in the coming days, is expected to up the ante by getting more aggressive in terms of marketing and operations.

For now, the e-commerce space has become more interesting. Not to mention, the consumer would be the ultimate beneficiary in this on-going tussle for supremacy.