Flipkart Creates a Furore with its Latest Advertisement

Flipkart Creates A Furore With Its Latest Advertisement

Flipkart seems to be always in the news for both good and bad reasons! If you could recall, Flipkart was recently in the news for the revelation by Sachin Bansal being replaced due to underperformance and earlier it was in the news for its Fashion Brand Myntra, acquiring Jabong. The latest controversy surrounds their advertisement that is being aired all over India on Television and Social Media.

As per the report from The Telegraph, Gorkha Community has filed a Criminal case against Flipkart because as per them, the ad throws the Gorkha Community in a bad light and it has offended their sensibilities and calls it as “Racist” in nature.

The Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India (GYASA) has filed a complaint with the Delhi police against Flipkart asking them to pull out the ad. The Gorkha community claims that the ad stereotypes their community to be watchmen and tour guides. They also claim to have approached Flipkart team to stop airing the advertisement but the ad still continues to be aired.

The advertisement in question is enacted by 3 kids; one plays the role of a potential Customer, two security guards one of which is depicted as a Nepali Gorkha wearing traditional Nepali hat and knife. This is the character that has created ripples amongst the Gorkha community.

This outrage has prompted Flipkart to “tweak” the advertisement. They have also released an official statement to this effect expressing solidarity to the Gorkha Community, but the petitioners still don’t seem to be happy with this. And they want the advertisement to remove from all channels.

Let’s wait and see if Flipkart succeeds to pacify the petitioners or will accede to the request by taking down the advertisement.

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