Similar Sounding Names: MakeMyTrip sues 5 companies

Similar Sounding Names: MakeMyTrip sues 5 companies

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, MakeMyTrip was established in the year 2000 with an aim to provide high-quality online travel services including flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, and rail and bus tickets. As of 31 March 2018, they have 14 company-owned travel stores in 14 cities, over 30 franchisee-owned travel stores in 28 cities, and counters in four major airports in India. MakeMyTrip has its offices in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok, and Dubai.

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MakeMyTrip is one of the crowd-pleasing Indian cum foreign brands approaching courts to fight against firms who have adopted a similar sounding name like that of MakeMyTrip. Over the past years, the global giant companies such as Starbucks, Burger King, Ikea among others have taken local firms for such alleged trademark infringements.

MakeMyTrip Files Lawsuit Against Five Companies

Being one of the popular Indian travel companies renowned worldwide, MakeMyTrip decided to sue five travel and tourism websites for choosing identical-sounding names. These companies include MakeMyYatra, MakeMyJourney, Make My Happy Journey, Pick My Trip and Superb MyTrip.

MakeMyTrip professed charges against the above-mentioned companies for using not only “deceptively similar sounding names” but MakeMyTrip logo as well.

MakeMyTrip urged that it spent nearly 46% of its revenue which is 1,264 crore, out of total revenue of 2,759 crores in the fiscal year 2017-18 on advertising and marketing for the promotion of its brand and services it offers. Further an order was passed by the Delhi court against MakeMyYatra on December 5th. This was done with an intent to protect the legal rights so that no one violates on MakeMyTrip’s brand names or uses its logo deceptively. The company has also initiated legal proceedings against some businesses.

A spokesperson form MakeMyTrip said “These proceedings are largely against infringement of trademarks, domain squatting and confusing the customer regarding the actual service provider. If left unchecked, they could negatively impact our hard-earned goodwill, reputation and brand name.”

An Economic Times report cited Delhi High Court interim order dated October 31 read, “Till further orders, the defendant, its partner, directors, shareholders or proprietors as the case may be, its assigns in business, franchisees, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and agents are restrained from using in manner whatsoever, selling, offering for sale, advertising directly or indirectly dealing in any products or services under the infringing marks, namely PickMyTrip.”

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