Oh, that Dosa

Oh, That Dosa!

A few chairs, table and a tree to give shade to its customers. This place is located in the street of Miyapur on the way to Bachupally. My friend and I were in one of those crazy moods to explore the less explored rural parts of Hyderabad. Under that scorching sun there, we were lost and in dire need of good food. There was not a single restaurant insight. After walking what felt like miles, we spotted a huge tree and couple of chairs under it.

At first, our intention was to relax s for a few minutes before we continued our journey. To our pleasant surprise, we discovered that there was a small shack beside those chairs with a man busy flipping dosas on the pan. Without any expectation of many choices we went ahead and asked for the menu. To our surprise again he gave us a list of a variety of dosas. We were more taken aback than relieved and after much contemplation ordered “Manchurian dosa”.

We did not have to wait much before the delightful aroma of the Manchurian dosa reached us. As we tore off the first piece of the hot dosa and savored it, the blend of Chinese and south-indian was what stood out. The crunch of the crisp dosa with the mashed masala of the Manchurian was a treat to the mouth and heart. The flavor of garlic and chilli complemented well with the comparatively bland dosa. What more could our hungry stomachs ask for? We could not help but love this gem of a dish that we stumbled upon in the street.