Snapchat Beats Twitter – Amazing!

Last Updated on 27th December, 2021  • ci1x8pov   • 1 Minute Read

Twitter‘s bitter rival Snapchat claims to have more than 150 million users at their website. This surpasses twitter’s 140 million users. That means they have 10 million more visitors and it’s awesome!
if this truly is the case, it is not too far away from trumping Facebook, which currently holds the number 1 position in this segment.
What’s more interesting is that Snapchat has taken only 4 years to reach this number. FYI, Twitter was launched in 2006 and Snapchat was launched in the year 2012. 
One of the key reasons for this stupendous growth is the “User Experience” ( UX). Unlike twitter which is more of text and image-based messaging system, Snapchat, on the other hand, has an option to send annotated selfies and short videos, which users seem to have liked the most.
Snapchat also has an ingenious way to get their users visit their website frequently with the help of “Snapstreak”, an app which counts the number of days since the visitors last interacted with the other users.
Although most of the Snapchat users are still use facebook regularly, they seemed to have moved away from twitter.
Currently, most of the users are based out of the USA; it’s not far behind when they reach countries like India and China which is one of the fastest growing economies.
It’s high time that Twitter does something spectacular to catch-up with this growth if not they are most likely to have a fate similar to that of Myspace.



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