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The 2019 Oscar Red Carpet Looks That Anybody Can Nail It

Recently, Oscar Award, the biggest and the most anticipated award in the world just concluded, and people can’t keep their calm about the red carpet moment that had everybody shook and their jaw-dropped. From top actors and reputed personalities to the most popular singers, the red carpet event was blessed with their presence, but the thing that rocked us yet again this year were the outfits they pulled up. Each year, the red carpet moment is what everyone anticipates the most as it is displayed with the best couture from the most renowned designers. Like every year, this year’s Oscar Award was no less in succeeding to swoon the public’s eyes. I decided to pick out some of my favourite couture outfits from the 2019’s Oscar Red Carpet, which anybody can rock the look!


The first outfit that caught my attention is the bright yellow plunging v-neck gown worn by Constance Wu, the Asian American star who shot to fame with the rom-com movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. V-neckline should never be a ‘miss or pass’ if you want to dress sexy yet elegant. Check out these gorgeous pieces for your date nights!


My favourite crossover in the fashion scene so far is bringing the 80’s trends back to life! Yes, the retro trend is ruling 2019! For the second favourite Oscar outfit, I chose the hot red ruffled one-shoulder gown rocked by Jennifer Hudson. It is designed with big ruffles from one side across the other end and complemented by side slits which gives off a retro vibe. Check out these ruffled pieces you can rock on your special day!


I gotta admit it, strapless dresses were the best revolutionary changes brought about in the fashion industry. The late 1930s was the turning point for the ladies who wanted to step a little forward from their conventional style of dressing. And this year’s Oscar red carpet was served with modern retro pieces by most of the stars. While some might find it difficult and inconvenient to wear a strapless dress, it is safe to say that you will witness some jaws drop once you put on these gorgeous pieces. Check it out.


We all love to get edgy especially when we are in a good mood, and I’m not saying its impossible! Outfits that have a touch of metallic and sequins are never to be missed as they always add that spark on you. Dress it up when you plan on night outs with your girl gang. These irresistible collections are a must-have in your wardrobe.


Halter necks are back with a bang and its one of the hottest trends this year. The cut-out lines of this design make your shoulders look prettier, adds volume to your neckline which makes you look taller and have a balanced effect on your body proportions. Add these stunning pieces to your collection.

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