The Bangalore Based Company InLogg is acquired by Myntra

The Bangalore Based Company InLogg Is Acquired By Myntra

Myntra the online fashion portal disclosed some strategic decisions concerning the acquisition of InLogg- a Bangalore based company. However, Myntra is sceptical in revealing the exact numbers at which the company is acquired. Myntra’s big acquisition move will see a massive change as the Myntra’s business will only expand thereafter.

The InLogg is a technological company founded in the year 2015. It is just a 2 years old company. This is Myntra’s fourth acquisition of the technologically led companies and they would be expecting to expand their businesses sooner in the online marketplace. Before acquiring InLogg, Myntra had acquired Cubeit and Native5 both of which are mobile development companies.

The main work of InLogg is to offer reporting, analytics, COD reconciliation, lifecycle management, mobile apps for pickup, easy returns, and delivery. After this acquisition by Myntra, the logistics of the company would reach greater heights thus allowing the users to enjoy hassle- free delivery and payments.

The Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities are the prime targets and Myntra is simply expanding its delivery base in order to reach out to the unreached areas and make the consumers of Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities aware about the brand. The new acquisition will also reduce time in deliveries and customers can receive the delivery of the product within a quick time. According to an online report by Business Standard, the cities under II, III and IV Tiers contribute 50% of the profits to Myntra and hence there are customers targeted in these regions that can contribute to the company’s profits largely.

The introduction of GST will quicken the value of the logistics services and it is going to be a dominant area that would be targeted and there would be higher profits that the companies would target using an effective logistics system.