Tips To Save Money While Booking Flight Tickets

Last Updated on 27th December, 2021  • ci1x8pov   • 2 Minute Read

When you decide to fly through some renowned airline companies, it is necessary to remember certain things before you confirm your flight ticket. In this article, we will figure out the possibilities of saving certain money while booking flight tickets online. You can choose Cleartrip coupons to get some fantastic discounts on flights.

1.Fly during the Off Season

You can fly to your favourite destination during an off-season. Make sure you decide or plan up your vacations in such a way that it falls in a season when the flight prices are not high. For more information, you can use the Cleartrip website/app to get Cleartrip coupons and enjoy maximum discounts.

2.Save on Excess Baggage Charges

If you are worried about excess baggage with you then you can always cut down on your excess baggage by using a traveller back- pack. There are many fantastic travellers back- packs available at cheaper prices. If you are ready to save some money then you a back- pack can be recommended instead of a suitcase or a traveller’s bag.

3.Avoiding Heading to Foreign Locations during Christmas

If you decide to fly to any of the foreign destination during Christmas time, it can prove to be expensive. It is preferable to plan up your vacations during non- Christmas time and save some money. If you want some cheap flights, you can access Cleartrip coupons and get fantastic deals. Check out the latest deals now!

4.Choose to Fly during Cheapest Times

If you plan to fly during a weekend, then it is better not to take a flight on the weekend as it can cost you a lot of money. Likewise, the weekends you have other times and seasons when the flight prices are reasonably high. There are months where the pricing of flight bookings go higher so avoid travelling in that month.

5.Choose to Stop- Over Flights

If you are somebody who loves to save money then it is recommended to choose a stop- over flight. If you can opt for an indirect flight then you can save a lot of money, as the direct flights are usually over- priced. Use the Cleartrip websites and gets an access to the cheapest indirect Cleartrip flight booking.


If you are looking to save money on the flight bookings then use the Cleartrip coupons. However, there are some factors to remember before booking flight tickets. Factors such as the seasons, times and choosing indirect flights that can help you save money.



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