The advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

To Shop Or Not To Shop, That Is The Question

There are umpteen technical reasons to shop online. But let us take a look at few simple reasons on why it is better to shop online.

1. Online shopping is for the “Vertically Challenged”

There is this item far on top of the Shelf and you are vertically challenged to get it for yourself! Well not online!  Get what you want, when you want. Independence and dignity intact!

2. Too many choices can be an Issue!

While offline shopping limits the brands on which you can get your hands on, online has the exact problem in reverse. So many choices in fact that you are in constant dilemma!

3. Coupons are Shopping Angels!

That moment when your heart really wants to buy something but your brain and wallet says “NO”. I know that feeling! That’s when coupons really come in handy. These shopping angels always bless us with awesome discounts! Now where are those angels when we are shopping offline? Injustice I say!

4. Fuel prices, traffic, pollution!

Hmmm. Guess which sort of shopping can save me from all this hassle? WELL, the obviousness is EPIC on this one!

5 Awkward meet ups!

Every time you go offline shopping you are on ninja mode! Trying to avoid those prying eyes! There is no escape. Unless you are shopping online off course J

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