Ugadi celebrations

Ugadi And Its Significance

Ugadi marks the beginning of a new era, a chance for new endeavors, personal goals and an opportunity to work on yourself. Ugadi is the day that is considered to be the day when Brahma set motion to the creation of the Universe. Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuga” which era, and “adi” which means beginning. Hence Ugadi stands for a fresh start at life and embrace life in a positive way!

People wake up before sun rise and take auspicious bath which is considered as a sign of purification. It encourages them to move more deeply in to the realm of divinity.

Ugadi is celebrated by buying new cloths and preparing dishes like “Ugadi Pacchadi” which consist of raw mango, tamarind, jaggery, neem and also has salt and chilli. These six ingredients represent six emotions of life. They are sadness, happiness, anger, surprise, bitterness and fear. It signifies that life has all these emotions and that it should be accepted together.

Houses are decorated with fresh mango leaves and flower garlands. It’s also a time when families get together. Panchangam, the yearly forecast based on astrology is made at this time.

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