What’s happening? Lots Happening with ClearTrip Local

What’s Happening? Lots Happening With ClearTrip Local

The Latest advertisement of ClearTrip’s Local app is really intriguing! The ad created by Mullen Lintas, a Bangalore-based Designer, and his team is already creating a lot of buzz in the online space.

The advertisement tries to convey Cleartrip’s new venture, “Cleartrip Local” in an effective way by letting the users pique their interest by tempting them to know what is really happening in and around them.

The ad also forces you to get away with the mundane pastime which includes watching movies or visiting a mall etc and helps you find many other exciting activities that you can choose from the app.

ClearTrip offers its local services to find things that are happening around you including fitness, dance classes, yoga, go-karting etc. You can avail these services in around 50+ cities in India.

ClearTrip, which had recently received fresh funding from investors, is pulling out all the stops in the local business to ensure it reaches out well to the customers. As per the reports, although the average ticket size is less when compared with the International ticket booking, the market is still untapped and there is lots of money to make for them.

Keeping this in mind, it is investing serious money in this sector. It wouldn’t be surprising if other travel platforms like Yatra or MakemyTrip also follow this path. Let’s wait and watch.

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