Online Payment - Pros and Cons!

Why NOT To Recharge Online!

With the advancement of modern technology it comes as a surprise as to why a large majority of the population still believes in the age- old offline payment/recharge. Maybe they like stacks of bills lying around. It might be the fear of using something new or a misconception that online payment is less secure.

You love waiting in queue

Online recharge/bill payment requires you to invest your time in useful and productive endeavors. However, if you would prefer waiting in queue for a long, arduous and unproductive reasons then offline payment is the way to go!

For others, Freecharge offers great options. Check them out!

You carry loads of cash around

Plastic cash is easy carry around and you can make the payment anywhere,  any time.  Carrying money along might be a good idea. It’s not like there are robbers around trying to steal money. Also, you get to carry loads of bills with you instead of an online receipt.

Paytm offers a safe and secure online transaction option, Try them out!

You Hate Trees

Online transaction saves a lot of trees from being made into paper! Hence online transaction is Eco-friendly.   However, if you would like to contribute to the cause of “Global Warming”, be my guest.

Make quick payments and save the environment! Just a click away! Check out the offers on online recharges from Mobikwik.

You believe offline payment is more secure

The fact is that most online services provide security for your transaction while offline payment security is subjective to the person who handles it. All passwords and transaction are encrypted and hence safe

Have secure bill payments online. Use services such as Rechargeadda!

Irrespective of the ideologies, we can be sure that the modern world will evolve along with technology and our mode of payment will have to pave way for that change in the end.

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