Pillion Riders - It is Mandatory to wear Helmets in Bangalore

Why Should I Wear Helmet

Mandatory Helmet for pillion riders seems to deem mixed reaction from the Bangalore crowd. But most ones who are against the rule do not comprehend the need for a Helmet.

The fact that the helmet is not just an accessory but a necessity seems to be a far-fetched idea for many.

A good helmet is proven to reduce the impact of an accident by 300g. An injury between 50-100g can cause permanent brain damage. Imagine that! The excuse that helmet causes hair fall is nowhere as prominent as being alive!

The amount of dust on our roads and pollution itself should change the attitude towards using a helmet. It increases the visibility by protecting your eyes from debris.

A good visor on the helmet will help to defend your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun as well as the unpredictable weather conditions!

Things to consider while buying a Helmet

  1. Buy Helmets that have ISI Marks and ISI approval on them.
  2. Make sure you change bike helmets every 3 years.
  3. Any helmet that has defects should be immediately replaced.
  4. Do not buy cheap quality helmets.
  5. Buy a full helmet (The one that even covers your jaw!)

So embrace the use of helmet. Ride safe as no amount of style or comfort is worth one’s life!

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