X-Men : Apocalypse

X-Men : Apocalypse Wonder

It is for sure that this 9th edition of X-Men movie series has relatively more action scenes than any of its previous installments, although time will witness whether this movie will be on for a big hit or not.

Movie will make an impact when Apocalypse alias En Sabah Nur takes the centre stage and starts giving a tough time to Professor Charles Xavier and his allies. Apocalypse played by (Oscar Isaac)will give you a feel that he can never be destructed. Being a prequel, it is not hard to predict that Professor Charles is not in any real danger and by the end of the movie he will be alive. The intensity of the struggle would make you feel if X-Men are tough enough to handle the wrath of Apocalypse.

Though over the year, X-Men series has developed several new characters, there is always one character that finds the maximum popularity, especially in our country India. Yes, it’s The Wolverine played by (Hugh Jackman). Like you must by now guessed, he is not playing a full-fledged role but will appear for a crucial fight scene which will obviously end up getting loudest cheer in the theatres.

Like all previous installments, X-Men Apocalypse will also have a heavy dosage of CGI works. If not for the grand production value and superlative graphic work, this film would have been not so hyped one as the core storyline looks very weak. Last few editions of X-Men were more emotion driven films but it looks like a planned move by director ‘Bryan Singer’ to stay out of sentiment this time.

It will be exciting to watch the X-Men battle with the Apocalypse and his allies into a dead drop action sequences. Go to your nearest theatre and enjoy the movie.

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