Marvellous Art Cafes in Bangalore

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New in Bengaluru? Looking for good taste along with good ambience, then this story will surely help you to make your job easy. When we are heading into a new place, we usually search for a good ambience or taste. For that, people in Bangalore and other states must try the beautiful art cafes that will warm their mood by glancing their eyes around the place. Everyone likes to visit the best cafes when they hear good reviews. 

Bengaluru has many candlelight dinner spots, offering a pleasant atmosphere to create a cinematic effect around you. Likewise, you can hang out with your children at the below listed 5 art cafes that will make them think of innovative ideas while painting and doing artwork.  Here, we’ve listed the best art cafes in Bangalore to chill out with your colleagues, friends, and families. You can plan a date with your loved ones too. And these cafes prove that ordering in Zomato or Swiggy is a boring task but visiting and experiencing that can be better. 

Dyu Art Café, Koramangala

The perfect Kerala courtyard architectural cafe with paintings-filled walls and stone benches in the form of showing aesthetic ideas. People mostly come to explore the paintings more than for food. The paintings are done by famous artists, and this adds extra beauty to the surroundings. The artwork changes every time and you can have the chance to meet the artists. The plants that grow among the arches and hang inside the edges will give a greenery effect. We can roam around the cafe by sipping a cup of tea and coffee or holding cookies and sweets. There you can sit on the stone benches to have a good meaningful conversation with your people or else you can enjoy reading books from their little stack.

Famous Dishes

Chef special salad 


French Croquettes

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Vegetable Stroganoff

Chicken Florentine

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Cold Mocha


22, 1st Cross Rd, KHB Colony, Koramangala 8th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047.

Opening Days/ Hours

Monday - Sunday / 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Average Cost

1200 for two people

Urban Solace, Ulsoor

Near Urban Lake with a western side menu with very good reviews makes the place much easier to catch the eyes of the people. The most important thing about the cafe is that you can enjoy budding artists stand-up comedy shows on Wednesday and this adds beauty to that place a little bit more. There are some foods that vegetarians taste so good at an affordable price. It is decorated with wine bottles and artwork. The way to that cafe has a jungle setup with trees. You can enjoy it by reading books and with the pieces of music also.

Famous Dishes 

Coconut milk coffee

Masala Chai

Sangria Wine 




32, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Opposite Ulsoor Lake, Ulsoor, Bangalore.

Opening Days/ Hours

Monday - Sunday / 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Average Cost

950 for two people without alcohol

Artville Cafe, Kalyan Nagar

One of the best art galleries looks like a structured cafe with various art hanging on the wall. The interesting thing about the cafe is, you can paint in that art session and you can take that home as well. In this place you can have a good ambience by reading the best books or you can simply use the fastest Wi-Fi in that cafe.  Apart from this,  you can get the classic dishes like penne arrabbiata, fish and chips and french toast. 

Famous Dishes 

Pasta in red sauce chicken

Butter bean Toast



711,3rd Cross, HRBR Layout 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru 560043.

Opening Days/ Hours

Monday - Sunday / 09:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Average Cost

550 for two people

Bistro Claytopia, Koramangala

If cafes are your distressed weapons then surely you have to visit there once in your lifetime. The cutest thing about the cafe is they will provide saucers, mugs, and clay plates to draw whatever you need to, and later, they put that on the display board. Mainly, kids will enjoy this by adding colours to the things and in their cute little hands. Best during weekends to chill out with your loved ones. Claytopia is also famous for burgers. If you are searching for a candlelight dinner spot then this will blow your mind by seeing the place with colourful aroma candles. They made us engage with our creative ideas.

Famous Dishes 

Barbeque Chicken Burger

Hot Pot, Coffees

Mocha, Blueberry Cheesecake



11, 80 Feet Road, Near SBI, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore.

Opening Days/ Hours

Monday - Sunday / 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Average Cost

1,100 for two people

Art Blend Cafe, HSR

Looking for a rooftop cafe, you should definitely visit Art Blend Cafe with your family. In this cafe, there are a lesser number of hangings. Instead of that, there will be a shop selling craft works and some artistic things. The walls are coloured with handprints and a few hand-designed stuff. There we can have continental, Indian and Chinese food. Everything in that cafe is quite affordable. There will be engaging activities like painting, drawing, jewellery making, and many other things. Surely, kids will have more fun than their parents, you can celebrate the birthday parties by pre-booking the event.

Famous dishes 

Cafe Latte 

Thai curry 

Casser roles 


329, C 127, Ground Floor, 22nd Main, 9th Cross, HSR, Bangalore. 

Opening Days/ Hours

Monday - Sunday / 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Average Cost

750 for two people

Does art make the visitor's mind calm?

Yes, when we are feeling dull and dusted on a very hectic day, the peaceful environment and the artistic hangings will make our eyes chill by observing the artistic thoughts behind the artist and it makes us create our imagination also. Some researchers find that the colour theory for every colour will have separate energy to attract people’s minds. In that case, each colour we see will expose different kinds of energies that will change our emotions.

What makes the cafe look better?

The first thing people use to check when they are choosing a cafe is the outlook of the place. So maintaining a clean and hygienic cafe is more important than other things. Then only they will go for the review about the food and the cost.

Is it necessary to provide creative ideas like painting, jewellery making, and doing crafts to the visitors?

It is not about necessity and all, the creative ideas they provide them to engage in an interesting activity will help them to refresh their minds. And it will help them to do team work with their family members also.

Do you think stand-up comedy and other activities are important in a cafe?

It is based on their own choice, many people like to go to cafes for a meaningful meetup, family gatherings, or any business-related conversation. Those people find these kinds of activities a disturbance and some people come to the cafe to have a look at time passing events like songs, dances, stand-up comedies, etc.

What are the necessary things a cafe needs?

Drip coffeemakers, Coffee presses, Coffee beans, a high-quality espresso machine, and industrial coffee grinders.

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