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Best Deals for Apple Macbook(M2 2002)

₹36,990 ₹25,990
₹36,990 ₹25,990


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Karobargain Price Tracker: Keep a Tab on the Price of Every Product

Say goodbye to checking the price of your favourite item every hour of the day. KaroBargain presents before you its exclusive price tracker that keeps a tab on the prices of products for you. With our price tracker, you can now view the price charts for a particular product on different websites. Apart from it, you can also check which is the best time for you to buy an item.

For instance, you might find out that the price of a particular dress on Myntra went down during the winter last year. If the dress is an expensive one, you can now order it during November-December as the prices are likely to go down again. Our Price Tracker is the tool you have been looking for all this while! Want to know the best part? You can get it free of cost.

Price Drop Alerts: Get Notified When the Price Drops

Tired of looking up the price of the latest iPhone 100 times a day? Wondering when the prices shall finally fall? Bid goodbye to all your worries. With our KaroBargain Price Tracker, you will immediately get notified when the price of an item drops. Just remember to grab the items right away, as the prices might increase again.

Our price drop alert is a notification that you will receive on your device, as soon as the price of the product you are tracking hits its target price. On our KaroBargain Price Tracker page, tap on the “set price drop alert” button. You can manually enter the target price for your product and hit the save button.

Benefits of Using Our Price Tracker

There are multiple benefits of using a Price Tracker. Items which are price tracked the most include FMCG goods, electronics, flights and groceries. The prices of different products keep fluctuating, and in a price-sensitive market like India, we always look for products at cheaper rates.

A Price Tracker helps you to be an informed customer. You can use our KaroBargain Price Tracker to compare when specific retailers have reduced their prices compared to their competitors. This allows you to keep a note of what products are the cheapest at a particular point in time. Our Price Tracker is particularly useful in tracking the prices of electronic items. It answers one of the most essential questions of consumers,” Which is the best place to shop?" Small savings and awareness of price differences can go a long way in making you a smart customer. It gives you control over your purchase decisions.

Check the past Prices of the Products with the History Chart

KaroBargain gives you access to Price History Charts of more than a lakh products. Sometimes, we might want to check the price of a particular item a year back. In such a case, you might end up doing multiple google searches without significant results. Our KaroBargain Price Tracker solves this problem for you. You can now know the price of different products even a year back in just a few clicks.

Keeping a tab on the prices of products you regularly use makes you an informed customer at the end of the day. Our History Charts of different products give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the price history of different items.

Track Product Prices of Your Favourite Online Store

Keeping a tab on the products of different E-commerce stores is no more a hectic task. All these years, we manually used to visit the websites one by one and keep notes of the prices of products. However, with KaroBargain's Price Tracker, this has become an easy task. Our Price Tracker helps you to set price alerts for all the products on Myntra, Amazon and other E-commerce stores.

Price History for Myntra

Myntra is one of India's leading E-commerce platforms, which seeks to make fashion and lifestyle products accessible for everyone. Set up in 2007, Myntra gives you a wide variety and versatility in apparel and accessories. With our KaroBragain Myntra Price Tracker, you can now check the price history of different products on Myntra in just a few clicks. It's time for you to become a smart customer with KaroBargain. With our exclusive tool, you can now set price alerts to get notified when the prices of products fall. Everyone loves shopping if they get to save some money. We at KaroBargain, aim to offer you an amazing shopping experience by providing you with regular deals and offers. Our latest Price Tracker comes with multiple benefits. For instance, it helps you set price alerts and compares prices of the same product on different websites.

Check our Myntra Sale Tracker →

Price History for Amazon

Amazon is your one-stop shopping destination. Be it electronic gadgets, books, clothing, shoes, or household items; you can find it all on Amazon. As it is one of the most valuable brands across the world, this E-commerce platform is relied upon by most Indians for online shopping. Apart from comparing the prices of the same products on different sites, our price tracker can help you set price alerts for products on Amazon. For instance, you have planned to purchase a Boat earphone on Amazon, but the price is too high for you at the moment. Our price tracker has a solution for this. It helps you set price alerts so that you do need not to open the Amazon app now and then. The moment the price of the Boat earphone falls, you will be notified immediately.

Check our Amazon Sale Tracker →

Price History for Other Websites

Besides Amazon and Myntra, our Price tracker can provide you with the price history of different products, which are available on other E-commerce sites such as Ajio, Tata Cliq, Flipkart, Croma etc. Get regular price alerts, check the price history of various products available on the E-commerce platforms and enjoy many more benefits with our Price Tracker.


To calculate the target price from the price chart, you need to check the current price of the product first. After that, you need to assess the chances of price drops. Click on the Is it a good time to buy a product? box. After that go to the price chart and check the lowest prices of products. Based on the above observations, you can select a target price and then set the price alert for your product accordingly.

If you want to analyze a price graph, you need to keep the current price of the product in mind. Go through the price history charts of different products to check prices for specific dates. A product can have multiple prices in a single day. You can also switch the view to 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.

Yes, the KaroBargain Price Tracker is free for use. You can just visit our website and enter the product name whose price you want to check. The user-friendly interface of our Price tracker makes your experience even better.

Yes, you name the product, and our price tracker will bring its price to you. Apart from Amazon, you can find the product prices of different items available on Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, Nykaa and other E-commerce platforms. Isn't it amazing? Apart from noting the prices, you can set price alerts for different products. KaroBargain's Price Tracker will also help you to compare the prices of the same product, which is available on different platforms.

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