Barbeque Nation Student Offer: Unlimited Buffet for ₹549

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Barbeque Nation Student Offer

You can savour 70+ Barbeque nation’s delicacies just for ₹549. You are getting offers just for being young. Yes, because it is Barbeque Nation Student Offer which can help you relish all the delicacies for ₹549.

Barbeque nation is one of the most famous brands for its unlimited buffet and exclusive barbeque experience. it operates around 200+ outlets in India.

It is famous for its vast menu which includes both veg and non-veg options.

The usual price of Barbeque Nation’s Unlimited Buffet.

Barbeque nation has priced its veg unlimited buffet at ₹899 and non-veg buffet at ₹969 on weekdays and ₹999 and ₹1099 on weekends respectively.

For kids of age 6-9 years, the price for the buffet is ₹479.

But you can get it just for ₹549, i.e., up to 50% discount. The only thing you need to know about is Barbeque Nation Student Offer.

List of all the options you get in Barbeque Nation’s Unlimited Buffet.

You will get to relish over 70+ delicacies with this buffet 

For vegetarians,

You will get:

  • 10+ varieties of starters
  • 1 type of soup
  • 8+ types of salads 
  • You can also choose your dressings.
  • 8+ types of main course options.
  • Around 15+ varieties of accompaniments can increase the taste and experience of your meal.
  • There are live counters too where you to try 10+ varieties of different dishes.
  • That’s not all you can savour around 20+ varieties of desserts.

For non-vegetarians,

You will get:

  • Around 6 varieties of starters
  • 1 type of soup 
  • 8+ types of salads
  • You can also choose your dressings.
  • 8+ types of main course options.
  • Around 15+ varieties of accompaniments can increase the taste and experience of your meal.
  • There are live counters too where you can try 10+ varieties of different dishes.
  • That’s not all you can savour around 20+ varieties of desserts.

Last but not least you can also get a variety of drinks that can help you increase the quality of the lavish experience.

Along with various dishes, you get an unbeatable barbeque experience.

Steps to get Unlimited Buffet at just ₹549 Using Barbeque Nation Student Offer.

Yes, you read it right, you can relish this astounding and amazing experience just for ₹549 using Barbeque Nation Student Offer.

Without even downloading any app or going to any other site. It's not a scam, it is just a simple and hidden trick that barbeque nation would not want you to know.

So, to get this buffet for ₹549 Using Barbeque Nation Student Offer, you will have to follow these easy and simple steps:

  • You will have to go to Barbeque Nation’s outlet.
  • Ask for a table and tell them that you are a student.
  • Then, you’ll have to show your student ID.
  • Once the Barbeque Nation executive is done scanning your IDs, BOOM!! You are good to go. Now you can enjoy all the delicacies only for ₹549.
  • you can use your smile points to get ₹100 off and finally, the Buffet gonna cost you ₹549.

Points to be noted a:

  • The Barbeque Nation Student Offer is only applicable if you are a student.
  • To avail of this offer, you’ll have to carry your Student ID.
  • Barbeque Nation Student Offer applies to selected outlets, so before going to the outlet, kindly check with the store if it is available.
  • There will be no limitations on the amount of food and the number of varieties. You can savour all the delicacies that you can get in a normal booking of ₹1100.
  • To get more discount you can also book your table through eazydiner and pay your bill using payeazy which can help you get around 40% discount.
  • You can club this discount with the student discount.

Get a Birthday cake for free at Barbeque Nation.

You can visit Barbeque Nation on your birthday and inform them that it's your birthday today.

They will get you a cake and a small celebration.

All the staff members will gather and sing the happy birthday song along with some mood-uplifting and energetic music while you are cutting your birthday cake.

You can also eat the cake there itself or you can ask them to get it packed and you can take it with you. It is a new, unreal and unbeatable experience that you must experience once.

About Barbeque Experience at Barbeque Nation.

The Barbeque Experience at Barbeque Nation is mind-boggling because of its simplicity and easily understandable functioning.

There will be barbeque cooking grates with coal in them placed right in the middle of the table so anyone can reach them without any difficulty. The mood lightens up when you get to cook your barbeque which makes it more interesting and customizable.

As you can grill your food however you want. It is a straightforward mechanism where the staff will get food already inserted into skewers and place it on the grates, you just have to wait and rotate the food until it's golden brown and relish the taste.

Barbeque Nations offers available at KaroBargain other than Barbeque Nation Student Offer.

700 offYou can get a free ticket on the purchase of 8 tickets
Kids Eat FreeKids of age 6-9 years eat a free Buffet at bbq nation

Barbeque Nations loyalty program.

Barbeque nations also have a loyalty program where you can earn either by ordering food through their mobile app or if you dine in at any of their outlets.

The loyalty points are called smile coins which can help you get a discount on your next order or visit to barbeque nations.

You can use 5% of the smile coins on your every visit to Barbeque Nations.

You also get 100 free smile coins once you register on the Barbeque nations app which can be used to avail of the student discount too.

You can get the buffet not for ₹649 but just for ₹549, only if you are a student, with the help of the Barbeque Nation Student Offer. Isn't it awesome? Try the unlimited Buffet today.

What is smile club?

Smile club is the loyalty program of Barbeque Nation And the loyalty points are called smile coins.

What is the expiry for the coins?

The smile coins expire within 180 days of being credited.

How many smile coins can be used at once?

You can use 5% smile coins at once and 1coin=₹1

What is the student offer?

Student offer is exclusively for students that help you get the unlimited buffet just for ₹649



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