The Top Microwave Ovens of 2023: A Watchlist For Indians

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To relish a meal in minutes, microwaves have certainly gone a long way in offering the users with incredible features fulfilling all their preferences thus keeping up to the current trend and innovations. So, we have done in-depth research in bringing to you the best microwave ovens available in the market today.

Delay not and read on to find the best microwave ovens available in India suiting all your whims and fancies.

Panasonic NN-DF386

Panasonic NN-DF386 is indeed a do-it-all appliance as it offers the users with numerous compelling features. It has a flatbed design meaning that it offers exclusive buttons other than the traditional turntable ones and yes, you can fit any unusually shaped dishes in it without them getting stuck, as well as fit more than one in at a time.

The Panasonic NN-DF386 comes with the Pana-crunch pan and an enamel tray for use with the oven or grill and has seven auto-weight programmes for popular foods such as chilled quiche, frozen potato products, pastry items, chilled pizza, frozen pizza, gratin potato and gratin pasta.

The microwave looks classic yet modern consisting of five power settings and 18 auto-cook functions. It offers users the opportunity to adjust the options according to their convenience. Panasonic NN-DF386 is a very comprehensive and compact, although it does not offer combi cooking or grill.

The working and functions of this microwave are super-easy and comfortable to use. It is particularly impressive and efficient at defrosting and steaming veg. The other features of the Panasonic NN-DF386 include a clock, timer delay and child-safety lock.

Sharp R861SLM

One of the most fascinating aspects of Sharp R861SLM is its design and function. It also consists of a flatbed design which offers more cooking options, a supplied wire rack and baking tray wherein you can make use of handy vessels for a wide range of food and meals.

The standard features of this microwave include buttons to select the time in 10 minutes, one minute and 10 seconds increments, defrost by weight or time; plus the ability to select a cooking method by microwave, grill, oven or a combination of the microwave with one of the others.

The instructions flash up on the display screen of the microwave to prompt you when needed, and there is a diverse range of recipes and cooking charts to navigate you through the preparation of different dishes, food types and functions.

Precisely, there are six auto menu functions available with a button press in this microwave which include jacket potato, pizza, rice, oven chips, cake, and roast chicken. The rest seven functions offer auto reheat, beverages, vegetables, soup, grilled bacon, grilled fish pieces, and roast beef or lamb.

Panasonic NN-DS596

A feature-packed microwave-grill-oven combi, Panasonic NN-DS596 is perfect for those you prefer more oven space or one who simply wants to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a microwave with some bonus foodie features.

Panasonic NN-DS596 has a capacity of 27 litres offering the users with a plethora of features and programmes for foods with a full-width tray that slides into the appliance like an oven shelf. Besides these, it offers a simple heating process to heat your lunch instantly. You can cook or defrost by time or weight, steam-cook in combination with the microwave or quartz grill to keep food moist, and heat food from the bottom up with the bundled ribbed cooking pan or the Pana-crunch pan, as for how Panasonic calls it.

Panasonic NN-DS596 is undoubtedly a high-end appliance which can be trusted and relied upon for quick and easy meals.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is a 25 litres conventional microwave oven which offers multiple features including defrosting, grilling, baking, reheating, and cooking. Apart from these, it offers touch features, child lock facility and stainless steel interiors.

This microwave features 200 auto cook menus and not to forget, it's three-way heating process improves the cooking performance tremendously. It also offers sensory and overheats protection.

IFB 30L Convection

IFB 30L Convection is indeed a perfect choice for large families. This 30 litres microwave offers the users with splendid features. The auto cook menu of the microwave features complete automation.

This microwave stands out for its exclusive design with a sturdy stainless steel cavity and excellent LED display.

Additionally, it also offers a quick start and defrosting facilities. Its multistage cooking program allows the users to set the entire sequence of the microwave and grill within an instant.

Samsung Convection Microwave

This 28 litres microwave of Samsung is one of the most sophisticated and exquisite suitable for a big family. With Samsung, you can cook a variety of dishes.

Its Slim fry feature ensures crispier potato fries or chicken nuggets, its Tandoor technology enables you to make tandoori roti and the Fermentation function allows you in the making of pizza dough or ferment curd.

LG Convection Microwave

This is fairly a large microwave oven ideal for a family of four. The various features offered by this microwave are the Diet fry feature which ensures the crispiest fries without using oil, the Pasteurized Milk feature which allows heating of milk without boiling it and the Indian Roti basket which allows you to make the choicest Indian roti dishes instantly.

Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven

Bajaj is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands which have won millions of hearts owing to its superior quality of products and service. This microwave oven is a grill oven with defrosting and reheating facilities.

The capacity of this microwave oven is 20 litres suitable for a three-member family. The exclusive features offered by this microwave are a touchpad, child lock facility, weight,  time defrost feature and this microwave encourages in saving a lot of power which helps you save big.

Confused as to what type you should go for? Well, stress not, as we offer you with comprehensive guidelines thus helping you choose the best microwave ovens among all.

It is to be noted that a basic microwave oven makes use of electromagnetic radiation to heat food items. These models can be quite cheap and are not particularly versatile and some foods can be a bit soggy after being cooked in a standard microwave.

On the other hand, a combi oven is a microwave that offers alternative cooking options, giving you more flexibility. A conventional oven allows you to cook as normal, while microwaves with integrated grills are well-suited for crisping up food. The combi microwaves offer multiple options. Many of the posher microwaves can combine cooking types, starting with microwaving, for example, before finishing off with the grill or oven.

Besides these, the power rating also plays a crucial role in deciding the efficiency of the microwave. Remember, the higher the power setting, the quicker your microwave can heat items. Also, cheaper microwaves make use of turntable inside, which reduces the size of the dish that you may use. So, look for a model with a flatbed, if you want to use larger cooking dishes.

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