Your Ultimate Pocket-friendly Travel Guide: A Must Read

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It is rightly said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travelling undoubtedly energises us from within helping us make new memories and enjoy the little, nameless moments which life has to offer.

Well, living in an era where time and work tyrannize us, travel does help us relax, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves after a hectic and exhaustive schedule at the workplace. But despite we, knowing the benefits of travelling, often consider travel to be an expensive affair. But this is not true. Let us tell you that travelling does not mean emptying your pockets. It is important that you travel wise and travel smart, and so, our comprehensive travel guide provides you with all the necessary tips and guidance which will assist you in planning your trip to your favourite destination within your budget.

Budget Travel: Introduction

Budget travel is about finding all the viable options to travel economically, without having to spend more. Money plays a very crucial role in budget travel as it is important to understand the nuances of learning to spend less without ruining the thrill and excitement of your travel experience.

The prerequisites of budget travel involve careful scrutiny of all your expenses and at the same time cutting down your expenditure and saving more. Balancing both your income and expenses effectively is indeed the key to budget travel.

A top secret to travel economically is by planning to spend more time at a location than to keep switching to numerous places at a time. This way you will get more time to spend in a place and explore more about its lineage than shuttling from one place to another.

On the other hand, if your budget is really tight, then, you can plan your trip in and around your place of residence. Maybe you could plan a day out to the beach or simply to a calm and serene botanical garden or to a museum nearby. These are some of the places which you can consider if all you want is a place to relax without having to spend too much on travel and accommodation. And guess what, this kind of travel requires less packing and planning which makes it even more preferable and fun-filling. What say?

Quick Tips for Making an Efficient Travel Budget

We totally understand the issues that you might have to face while deciding the place and accommodation when it comes to planning for a trip. Hence, we have made your task as easy as pie, by offering you a quick sneak peek on how to make a travel budget. The following are some of the points to be kept in mind before you begin drafting your travel budget.

The Transportation Budget

This is one of the important parts of the travel budget. The transportation budget covers the destination you choose to go to. The transportation expenses solely depend on the destination.

Before you decide on a place, compare the transportation costs from various agencies and go for the one which is both economical and convenient.

Also, it is of utmost importance that you take into consideration all the other minor transportation costs as well. You can cross-check the rates of airfares or bus fares on the internet as well and then, book smart.

Accommodation Budget

Research plays a very vital role in the making of the travel budget. Check for the accommodation at your chosen destination and compare the prices with that of the others. Again, you can make use of the internet as it is the most trusted platform and helps you in finding your choice instantly.

You may find numerous luxurious restaurants which offer its customers with exquisite and sophisticated service but your aim is to find budget-oriented hotels or shared options if any. One of the favourable options is to find restaurants which offer you with at least one meal along with accommodation. You can also look for hostels with common kitchen options.

Dining Out

Dining is certainly the toughest part to decide as it is the major cost. Well, when it comes to eating expenses you cannot quantify as to how much you will be spending on it as it depends on the place and eating options available. However, you may take help of your friends or relatives if you have, who know about the place you have chosen as your travel destination to approximately estimate the dining expenses.  

Activity Expenditure

On reaching your desired destination, you would definitely want to explore various places in that area. Check out if the places you would be visiting take entry fees. Usually, museums, historical locations, monuments and parks have an entry fee.

If you would like to try on some adventurous sport, then, you may go for scuba diving, sky diving or trekking. These are sure to excite you. Remember, don’t tighten your budget too much as a few things in life are worth the experience.

Besides these, you may also go for shopping and buy some of the exclusive items available in that place. If you are a shopping spree, then, watch out on your expenses. Don’t spend too much.

The Means to Find a Budget-friendly Accommodation

Accommodation is certainly one of the biggest concerns when it comes to planning a trip. Reducing the accommodation cost can indeed save you a lot if you are keen on looking for a economical place to stay. There are several options that you may consider for budget accommodation. They are:


Hostels are no doubt an ideal option for travellers who are keen on their budget. They work on the dormitory style and on a sharing mode option for facilities. Many hostels also offer styled rooms namely single, shared and double rooms. Apart from these, they also offer WiFi, desks, lockers for taking care of your stuff and many more amenities. If you are in a group, you can opt for an entire dormitory for your group. They are indeed the best options for your travel needs.


Although hostel caters to all your travel needs in an economical way, Airbnb is the cheapest option when it comes to accommodation. It is a worldwide accommodation leader and offers users cheaper hotels than hostels.

One of the highlights of Airbnb is that it lets you know about the accommodations available per property basis, but not based on the person or room. Airbnb will definitely let you save more. So, do watch out!


This is a community comprising of more than 14 million travellers who help for checking out the best budget accommodation around you. The best thing about this option is that it lets you stay with the local people immersing yourself in the local culture.

The community has an online portal and social media service as well which cater services to all the travellers across the globe. Most of these homestays are free. These are arranged by those who want to keep in touch with the travelling community and get acquainted with the foreigners. It is completely free, but you may give some sort of gift as a measure of goodwill gesture.

Hospitality Exchange

Hospitality Exchange is a temporary accommodation arrangement exclusively for budget-oriented travellers. It is similar to that of Couchsurfing but the difference is that Hospitality Exchange is given with a benefit in return. It can either in the form of a monetary benefit for the stay or home swapping so that the person can look after the property in exchange for the stay.


WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms. This kind of service operates as a homestay option on organic farms. You may choose from a wide range of options available in the place you decide to visit. Once you find that suits you best, you can get in touch with the volunteers and fix your days and duration of stay.

Ways to Reach Your Destination Economically

By Walk

One of the best ways to get around the city is to go by walk. In fact, you can even opt for a free walking tour for visiting the prime locations around the city you decide to explore and discover.

Foot travels is indeed the best option for exploring the city in an effective manner. There are many free walking tours available at almost all major tourist destinations across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You can get in touch with the local tourist agents, offices or check with the hotel you have made your booking in. You may also check for such services on Google.


Renting a bike would definitely cost you more when compared to free walking, hence, it is advisable that you search for reasonal bike rental agencies which offer both convenient and budget-friendly services.

The costs can range from Rs 100 to Rs 1000 INR per day depending upon your location. Also, there are several hotels that include bike rentals in the room price as well.


Hitchhike is one of the most suitable options if the place you are planning to visit does not have a public transportation facility. Hitchhike refers to a mode of transportation of asking for a lift from strangers in their vehicle. The mode of transport can be free in most cases. However, there are some people who may ask for compensation.

Hitchhiking is quite common and used by travellers all around the world. There are different signs that hitchhikers use to indicate to the vehicle owners that they need a ride. Please note that Hitchhiking may not be a legal mode of transportation in some of the regions. So, do check out if the place you are going to visit encourages Hitchhiking.


Cycling is one of the best modes of travelling as it is economical, pollution-free and extremely convenient. Cycling benefits both your health and also allows you to save more on your travel.

There are several agencies that may offer you cycle renting services. They are certainly affordable when compared to bike rentals. If you are the adventurous type and enjoy being one with nature, then go for cycling.


Cabs are usually the most preferred and widely used mode of transportation by the travellers.  However, you can check out the exact cab fares of your place of visit. There are several cases where travellers are overcharged. So, it is advisable that you opt for the official prepaid taxi counters at the train stations or bus stops so that you don’t get cheated. Do ensure that you are being charged as per the actual rates before boarding the taxi. In addition, you might also check out some of the best deals on Ola and Uber as well.

Munching Options Which Can Help You Reduce Your Travel Expenditure

Food is the second most important aspect to be pondered upon while planning for a trip, after accommodation. When it comes to estimating the food expenses, it becomes impossible to assess the expenses as the rates are uncertain and you are also not sure as to what you will be eating the next day. But we have come about with a few options wherein you can enjoy a sumptuous meal at a subsidised price.

Street Food

Street food is one of the best food options you can opt for. These meals ideally cost very less when compared to the big restaurants. You can even expect decent quality and relish the authentic flavours of the place. However, ensure that the food is cooked in a hygienic environment. Street food stalls normally cook food on the street and so taking care of hygiene is one of the primary concerns. Please note that authentic local cuisine can be best experienced at the street stalls only. So, don’t miss it!

Self-catering or Cooking

Self-catering or cooking on your own is also one of the best options if you enjoy cooking. Well, if you have a cleaner and spacious kitchen, then, self-cooking is truly a comforting and economical option to satisfy your hunger. If you are staying in hostels or apartment rentals, it can be the best option to go with self-catering as it is safe, hygienic and healthy.

Enjoy Local

Local food is a way too cheaper when compared to street food and self-cooking. So, you may check out the local food options help you to cut down on your food costs.

Get in touch with your tour agent or the local travel services to get a fair knowledge of the possible local cuisines. Go local and save more!


Do explore the local supermarkets as they can help you get the best local food around you. In fact, you can also look for the places where the local people go for their meals.

If you are into cooking or self-catering, then, buying all your essentials from the supermarket nearby is a good option. At supermarkets, you tend to get the local products at a very lower price.

The Budget Travel Activities You Should Indulge In

Activities are indeed the central aspects of planning for a trip. Hence, it is important that you decide on the activities you would like you do during your stay at your favourite destination. Well, we have a few suggestions for you.

Free Options

If you are strict on your budget, you can opt for free tourist attractions available during limited periods. Indulging in Bargain Travel can indeed increase your expenditure considerably. Museums, government buildings, city parks, and religious places are ideally available for free. In many cases, these monuments come with a nominal fee that may not be heavy on your pocket.

So, find out if you can opt for discounts on food, activities and other sightseeing options. You may also consider participating in a club or a credit card program so that you can avail the discounts or other reward options. There are also banks which offer can you a few discounts on specific items.

Multiple Tourist Attractions

There are a few tourist destinations which offer the tourists with combined tickets on multiple tourist destinations helping them save more. So, if you have planned your travel perfectly taking into consideration all the important factors, then, opting for such bundled tickets can help you save you a lot of money. But this will require a sound plan well ahead of time.

The US provides the tourists with such options in the form of ‘CityPass’, while in Rome they offer a facility referred to as ‘Roma Pass’. The Roma Pass option allows you to opt for three days of bus and subway travel along with a trip to two of the major attractions. Check them out!

Social Media

There are many forums and communities that can act as your guides for what to do in the places of your interest. You can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join forums dedicated to travel and related benefits as this will help you to clear all your doubts with respect to the issues you may go through during your travel. You can make use of these groups and forums for gathering information about a plethora of subjects including tourist destinations worth visiting, the discount or free options available in the place and the reward options offered by some of the popular tourist attractions.

Discover the Best Budget Travel Destinations In India

India is well-known for its culture, history and its rich heritage. It provides the tourists with a wide range of options to explore at budget-friendly prices. Do check out the offers, discounts and deals offered by various travel sites online before you make your bookings.

Some of places which are worth exploring in India include:


Gokarna is famous for its beaches and is one of the best places to experience serenity and tranquillity. A visit to the Om beach is a must!

Besides these, you can hire boats from the local fishermen and enjoy boating. There are also several water activities you can indulge in which offers great options and provides an exceptional budget travel experience. The fares are ideal for budget travel and ranges from Rs. 800 from Bangalore and back. Homestays are also available at Rs. 200 per day. Food options to are quite affordable and is Rs. 200 for two per meal.


Goa is undoubtedly one of the hottest travel destinations as it has lots to offer the tourists. The golden beaches, Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets, and historical monuments are worth exploring. You can also hire motorbikes and drive through the palm-filled villages. You have a lot of options in terms of pubs and other better options as well. Also, you can reach Goa from Mumbai in just Rs. 450 only.

Seafood and rice are the staple diets in Goa. The ideal meal start from Rs. 200 per person in many decent hotels. Goan beaches are well known for water adventures and excellent entertainment options. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now.


Alleppey is super-famous for houseboats and guess what, the scenic view from the houseboat is truly breathtaking. Just rent a room on a houseboat and enjoy the life amidst nature. Do you know? Alleppey is considered to be the Venice of the East.

Apart from these, the countryside, lagoons and waterways mark the best features of Alleppey. Houseboats will cost you around Rs. 6000 per day for a 1 BHK and it includes three meals. The delicious coconut laced seafood will definitely make you fall in love with the ambiance.


Pondicherry is the right destination for people those who are pious and God-fearing. You can plan your stay at the Aurobindo Ashram and enjoy food and free stay along with the spiritual discourses. You can also go with the religious teachings of Mother MirraAlfisa.

Well, there are other options as well. You can enjoy the alcohol at the cheapest rates. You can also take delight of the best ever French ambiance around without going to France. Isn’t that cool?

Walk through the cobblestoned roads and enjoy the wonderful evenings with a lot of cafes in the evenings at the beaches. What more can one ask for?


The Dharamshala experience is one like that of Tibet’s. You have access to numerous monasteries and temples all through the twin cities of Dharamshala and McLeodganj. The hills and valleys offer you a major attraction.

If you are the adventurous type, then, you may opt for trekking and camping. Dharamshala is one of the best affordable options for you. If you want to combine adventure and affordability, this is the place to go for.


Being one of the cultural capitals of India, Varanasi also called Benares is one of the seven holy cities for Hindus. The Ganga ghats can offer you a complete cultural extravaganza that India stands for. It is one of the best places to visit in order to experience complete peace of mind.

Varanasi is famous for its special tea. You can also check out a host of adventure opportunities in the form of boat rides and also get to witness a lot of cultural activities as well. Do not forget to enjoy BenarasPaan and Thandai. You are sure to love them!

Destinations to Explore Worldwide In Your Budget

Yes, you heard that right. Travelling abroad is sure to cost you heavy. But there are a few destinations which you can explore at affordable prices. Let us get into the details.


Thailand is well-known for beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, enchanting cuisine, and adventure sports. It is an excellent travel destination that meets all your travel needs. The best part of this is that it offers you all these at very affordable prices.

It has practically everything that a traveller would ever look for. You can easily get away from the crowds and immerse yourself in the best food amidst nature. You can even hire a motorbike and roam through the Mae Hong Son Loop route. You can also enjoy the trip through the forested mountains to the north.


If you are looking for the budget itinerary in Europe, then, Greece is sure to fit your budget perfectly. You can check for the best museums in Barcelona. You can opt for a couple of the best beaches if you want to go for the usual sightseeing. The prices have come down considerably over the past years. The exciting architecture should be one of the best options to look ahead for in Greece. So, watch out!


Mexico is one of the prominent places with excellent art views, a fascinating nightlife, and top class hotels. The Mexican Peso has been low priced since long and that would ideally make it one of the best places to visit. If you are someone who enjoys history, then, Mexico offers you deep insight into the Mayan ruins.

The culture and cuisines of Mexico are sure to leave you spellbound. The room costs are as low as just $20 per night. The street food of Mexico is one of the most preferred options and offers you delicacies par excellence.


Portugal is experiencing a tourism boom in recent years. The sunny charms are a major attraction to the wonderful world of Lisbon.

Apart from Lisbon, the upcoming city of Porto and crystal clear beaches of Algarve are a couple of the best options you should never miss while you are in Portugal. The Azores provide you with the best ever experience in terms of adventures at the Atlantic Archipelago.


Whether you are looking for the best holiday experience or want to check out the options for the local experience, Cuba is definitely worth your money.

In fact, Cuba was the first nation to bring the concept of family-run local accommodation. This place offers very affordable and exciting local accommodation. Cuba can indeed be treated to be the one country that introduced to us the concept that Airbnb. The Salsa clubs in Havana and the warm beaches in Varadero are a few great options that bring you the best experience of Cuba.

South Africa

The safari experience in South Africa is super-entertaining and fun. And yes, do not forget nature’s best experience with the rhinos. You can also go with the high-end hiking, enjoy the amazing experience of Cape Town.

Although the adventure activities in South Africa may be a little expensive, the other expenses like food and accommodation are considerably cheaper.

Points to Remember Before You Start Your Journey

  • Always choose to fly during odd hours preferably on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Don’t opt for Fridays and Sundays because these are the priciest days for flying.
  • Remember to go for comfortable shoes while travelling or it might spoil your entire travel experience.
  • Keep all your documents like Passport, tickets and most importantly money safe in small or compact travel pouches within your watch.
  • Always click pictures of your documents and keep save it on your mobile phone and email them to yourself so that you can access it from anywhere even in case you lose your original documents.
  • Refill your water bottle at the place you eat to save the money on buying water cans again and again.
  • Join any group tour as it will save you from hassles of searching and exploring a new place by yourself and spending unnecessary money while doing the same.
  • Try to travel with quick-dry and wrinkle-free clothes. It will help you look presentable and tidy.
  • Interact with the locals. They give much better advice than Google about the places and food that you need to explore.

Closing Thoughts

Travelling involves spectacular planning and so, our above discussion about the places, and other factors influencing travelling are sure to guide you through and help you travel smart and safe. Make sure that you devise an excellent travel budget and follow it meticulously. Happy sightseeing, there!

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