Flipkart Is All Set To Have Big Billion Day Sale In October

Last Updated on 27th December, 2021  • ci1x8pov   • 2 Minute Read

As per reports from Economic times ,The Big Billion day sale which had led Flipkart to rake in more than $100 million in October 2014, and had tripled the sales to $300 million in the year 2015, is all set to replicate it this year too.

Last time, the event was marred with several controversies including its unpreparedness to handle huge incoming of traffic  had forced the founders, Sachin Bansal, and Binny Bansal to send out an email to its customers for the chaos that they had created.

However, this time, they seem to be trying to learn from their previous mistake and have already in talks to with the suppliers and logistic operators to check on the preparedness for the mega event.

This could be one of the biggest events for Mr. Krishnamurthy, who was brought back to Flipkart last month. Mr. Krishnamurthy who was working with Flipkart during its first “Big Billion day” is all set to be geared up for this year’s event.

Flipkart is also has been holding series of talks with suppliers to get to understand the discount that the suppliers are willing to offer.Based on this the magnitude of the event would be decided. What is also more interesting in this year’s event is offering of loan facilities to the customers.

Flipkart has already tied up with SBI to help customers to secure loans and EMI facility for purchasing the products using the SBI Flipkart Card.

This year’s Big Billion Day event is most crucial for Flipkart in the wake of stiff competition Amazon is giving. It would be a show of strength of sort and is seen as one of the factors to maintain the numero- Uno position which appears to be shaky.

Furthermore, it is rumoured that Paytm which is backed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is all set to launch its e-commerce operations at the same time.

Considering the above points, Flipkart is all set to spend a fortune towards the advertisements. Needless to say, the consumers are all set to enjoy this sale.



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