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With the advent of new technologies in this era, it is no wonder that everything is growing and enhancing at a fast pace. And with that, comes the introduction of the latest fifth-generation network technology. But along with that, the Voice over Wi-Fi is also garnering the attention of the netizens. This new technology is meant to be extremely convenient and useful for people who have Wi-Fi connectivity. In cases when the connection is gone, they can simply make a call to anyone in their contact list using the Voice over Wi-Fi technology. 

After the few rollouts of the VoWiFi technology from a handful of telecom operators, it has come under the light that Reliance Jio would be testing out this new technology in some regions of the country. Here are the very basic factors we must know about this new technology:

  • The audio quality is superior

If there is one thing that annoys most of us, is the unclear voices and disturbances when we are on a call with someone. But with VoWiFi, it will offer users with the best sound quality experience, allowing to have better and longer conversations. It is super convenient and likeable for all aspects, as it saves time and boosts productivity.

  • There is strong coverage even for indoors

Often times, we face with poor connectivity in indoor places like homes, offices, and the likes, which is more frustrating than waiting for the cold water to boil! Having poor indoor coverage could be the worst nightmare in a household but with VoWiFi, your family need not have to worry or stay anxious at your own home. It allows you to make and receive calls reliably without any issues.

  • VoWiFi is cost-effective

Until VoWiFi was introduced in the market, roaming calls were considered expensive. Due to the high prices of the calls, it was rare for the people in general to make calls who live outside of the state or country. With this new technology, it will enable us to make free calls even to foreign numbers. 

  • Non-cellular devices can also make calls with VoWiFi

Another amazing aspect of this technology is that it will enable non-subscriber devices like Wi-Fi tablets to make free calls, including overseas calling. It’s also inexpensive for operators to augment services inside buildings when macro network signals don’t penetrate well.

  • It offers a universal service

Lastly, the best thing about VoWiFi is, its service can be used universally. This means that the service is not only meant for one specific operator but it can be used by anyone. Taken that the user has a device that supports the functionality and has WiFi connectivity.

The newest Reliance Jio VoWiFi feature has finally hit Maharashtra

There is good news for the people of Maharashtra now. A Twitter account with the username @jayesh_mutha87 shared the great news on the bird app that the latest Reliance Jio VoWiFi feature has entered the state's market and will be available in the Nashik region. The announcement was followed by a couple of screenshots of the Voice Over Wi-Fi feature, which was uploaded from an iOS phone. This may mean that the new feature may apply only to the phones that are subscribed to Reliance Jio.

Just like the Bharti Airtel VoWiFi service that required its users to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network to be able to access, even Reliance Jio will be implementing the same terms. Customers from the Nashik region of Maharashtra as well as from Delhi will be able to use this new feature now.

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