Top 10 Alternatives Of Tiktok App In India

Top 10 TikTok Alternatives In India (Apps Like Tik Tok)

TikTok has become one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. But its dominance is challenged by several countries like India where the app has been banned in several states. Despite this, talent will prevail and users will find another alternative to this great music video app. Let us check out the best apps that are great alternatives to TikTok and available readily from the Android and iOS app store.

Lomotif : #1 TikTok Alternative App

If you are an iOS user, then this app is made for you. The Android version has been launched recently and it is slowly getting followers. You can do a couple of things with the app such as make collages and montages, add photos and videos, join video clips and add music.  With the built-in video editor, you will be able to crop, trim, cut, duplicate, zoom in-out and more with your videos. Make your videos interesting by adding GIFs, emojis, stickers, and animated filters. This is a great TikTok alternative as well as it provides extra features that you won’t find in any other apps namely slideshows and hyperlapse. There is a community section of the app where you will be able to upload your videos, find friends, collab with them and do other cool things. The events are categorised beautifully such as Birthday and New Year. Make videos on these special occasions and gain followers. The app allows users to share their videos with other social media platform with a single click like Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Try this app today!


This TikTok alternative app allows you to not only lip sync to other music videos but also indulge in other popular video categories like fashion. Comedy videos and vlogging. Users get rewards if the videos get enough comments, likes or shares. You can also get prizes for commenting on videos as well as watching them.  If you make a mistake while making musical videos, the basic in-app video editing tools allow you to cut and trim your videos. This app allows you to make amazing videos and create your personalized content. Moreover, there are hundreds of live filters, visual effects, and stickers which can be used to make the content that your followers adore.  The app even allows you to challenge other users, start battles, select topics and display your creativity. You can even try Danceoff, the first mobile dancing game. How cool is that!

Vigo Video: Best Indian Alternative For TikTok

This is a short video maker app where you can make short funny videos. The app allows you to show your talent by singing, dancing, comedy, cooking, art, beauty, etc in 15 seconds. Awesome! This is like a revamped Snapchat but with a number of other features.  Add animated stockers and special effects to make your video catchy. A real-time camera even allows users to smooth their skins magically and well as widen their eyes while recording, remove blemishes and unwanted spots and skin tones. Your followers are also able to live streaming with you,  This allows you to meet with people from different areas and talk about your common interests. You can promote your videos properly if you have the right type of people beside you. If you get a comment, like or subscribe to your videos, it is shown with a flame sign. These flame signs are much like in-app currency and can be exchanged to get real cash that is credited to your bank accounts. Yes! You heard that right! You can earn money by making videos, so what are you waiting for? Dump the age-old TikTok! Its time to move on.

LIKE – Magic Video Maker & Community

This app features a huge collection of dialogue materials.  If the music video changes its volume or intonation, there are inbuilt music magic filter that detects it and applies filter automatically. You will be able to slow down or speed up your footage. The app even allows you to crop/trim and merge several videos into one. LIKE is a great place to start a new community where you will find users like yourself with various tastes in music. You can share your favourite videos in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and more through the in-app options.


This app is another TikTok option and allows you to record a video and the auto-editing algorithm does rest of the work for you. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart use this app to edit their social media videos. The prior reason is that the app is so easy to use and the easy to navigate menus makes the process less cumbersome.  Unleash your inner artist by expressing yourself through 50 different filters, video drawings and trimming/cutting the videos. The app has great collab video features, so you can make great videos with your friends. Note that this is not a networking application as it only allows users to edit their videos, not start a community. You will be able to share your videos with the file sharing feature to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Through this app, you will be able to earn rewards as well as win millions of fans from all over the world. With KWAI, you can edit videos in various text fonts, animated filters, dynamic stickers, and 4D motion effects. Through this app, you can use basic video editing features like trimming, cutting, cropping, merging, stitching and more.  Just like the other apps, you can do lip sync to your favourite movie line, music videos, songs, and dramas. Watch trending videos on your personalized news feed like hot trending videos, comedy & prank videos, lip sync & dubs, fashion & beauty, singing, dancing, magic and more. The app regularly hosts special events, dance battles, and funny challenges. Unlike the Facebook and Snapchat stories which stay for 24 hours, the stories at KWAI stay for 48 hours. Just like the other apps, you can use help from other friends and create a community following as per your musical preferences. This app is available in both Android as well as iOS.


This is a great TikTok alternative which allows users to make awesome slow-motion videos, lip sync videos and of course, music video clips.  You can edit your videos through hundreds of emojis, funny stickers, texts. If you want to loop videos, you can do with Funimate. The app even allows you to cut, merge, trim and edit videos. Collaborate with your friends and make videos in combination with this app. This is a great app to take part n challenges and feature your talent. The app is great for getting more followers and provides a number of options to retain them. Through WhatsApp, the app also allows users to maintain privacy while sharing videos with friends and family.


This video maker app is another TikTok alternative that offers a wide range of editing tools to trim, merge, cut, and duplicate video clips. Just like the other apps, you can also make music videos, dance videos, lip sync videos and more.  You can go through your personalized video feed to go through latest dancing craze to unique talents shared by musicians, artists, comedians, athletes, singers and more. There are video challenges that are held weekly, where you can win amazing cash prizes. Join the viral trends through your unique style. This app is different from other apps as it promotes videos on qualityb rather than on the number of followerers. Collab with other friends and jump into the bandwagon to provide unique music videos.


This app is very different from TikTok in the sense that you can make any type of videos with this application. From slow-motion videos, video compilations to video loops, this app provides the users with a number of options. You can get access to countless popular songs through the app’s huge digital video library. The size of the video library makes it an ideal app to switch to for all the TikTok users out there who want a great collection of videos. With over 20 advanced video effects, this app is apt for creating viral videos. Funiamte even allows you to make videos with your friends by allowing you to merge videos of both of your footages into a single clip. If you want to gain access to the advanced options of the app, you have to make a minimal in-app purchase.

Dubsmash: Pioneer In Short Video Making

Being one of the oldest music video apps, Dubsmash is a great TikTok alternative and has a lot of popularity during the rise of TikTok (previously named as The app has around 100 million downloads and is part of an entertaining community which revolves around lip sync videos. With thousands of materials from TVs and music videos to lip sync to, there is always fresh material to watch for users which makes it a proper alternative to TikTok app. To make beautiful videos, the app allows users to add stickers and text overlays to videos. You will be able to watch the videos in Snapchat style, where the news feed is divided into two sections. This allows you to keep track of your friend’s videos and check out the latest trends that are happening around you. The app also allows you to share videos with other social media network besides making viral videos. You can even save your videos to your camera roll through the app.