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Air pollution has become one of the most serious environmental issues in today's growing world. As each day pass by, the rate of air pollution goes higher. It does not only contribute to environmental damage but also has adverse effects on the health of the world population, raising the degree of the mortality rate. Many factors lie behind the increasing cause of air pollution, mainly of which are due to automobiles, industrialization, modernization of the world, poor responsibilities of the citizens, and many more. 

On the brighter side, the existence of air purifiers has been making a positive impact on our lives, which helps to enhance the air quality of our surrounding environment. Especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic, the importance of air purifiers has greatly shifted. It is remarkable how these simple machines can improve our life and health by lessening airborne allergens like pollen, animal dander, and dust mites, and terminating bacteria and viruses. One of the unique air purifiers that are newly launched in the Indian market is Ubreathe Life, a Smart Natural Air Purifier. This eccentric appliance is designed using natural and sustainable compounds and can be placed anywhere- be it in your house, workplace, rooms, semi-indoors, etc. Let's take a look further into this promising device that even swept off the feet of the Shark Tank India team. 

About Ubreathe And Its Founders

Ubreathe is the world's first plant-based air purifier brand from India, where its smart air purifier is created using bio-filtering technology. Ubreathe Life is designed to help increase the biological effects of plants and orchestrate harmful agents through the roots of the plant. It is also built to perform at its best ability with only using minimal energy and to reduce the challenges of asthma, migraines, allergies, dizziness, headaches, and more. This will reversely affect positively better breathing and sleep quality. 

The creators of Ubreathe Life developed the device using the augmentation of technology to tackle the cycle of the plant's purified air. It is concocted with 5 layers of filtration method, which makes it better effective than any regular air purifier. Simultaneously, thanks to its bio-filtration technology, this smart device is not only capable of purifying any broad range of indoor spaces from physical pollutants but it also improves oxygen levels. Moreover, with the minimalist and sleek design, it adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home or workspace. 

The journey of Ubreathe started in the year 2018, when four friends- Sanjay Maurya, Inderjeet Rao, Akhil Gupta, and Akshay Goyal- had one common dream and notion to create a machine that can help with the severity of air pollution in India and around the world. The concept of Ubreathe Life was to build as an eco-friendly device. The educational achievements behind the creators and founders of the company lie in renowned alma maters like IITs, IIMs, MIT Media Labs, and Harvard School of Design. The company has allegedly filed for six patents across Europe and India and has a 5% equity worth 50 Lakhs. 

Improve The Air Quality Using Ubreathe Products

The air quality depends on the area you live in, and it will vary from area to area. The good Air Quality Index level usually ranges between 0-50, the mid quality counts between 50-100, and the worst case of air quality may go as high as 400. Even within India, the quality of the air varies widely depending on the region you reside. But all in all, we cannot deny the fact that everyone prefers to live in a fresh and clean environment, whether at home or work. With the Ubreathe product range, the desire to achieve clean air can be achieved as they are designed to resolve the air pollution issue naturally without bringing any added harm to the environment. The in-built filters in this smart device are free from chemicals, which will do the job of five hundred greeneries to maintain your living space's atmosphere fresh and refined. 

5-layer Filtration Process Of UBreathe Life

UBreathe Life, the smart Indoor Air Purifier, is developed using 5 layers of bio and UV filtration methods, where the bio-filter shields the complete range of indoor air quality. It does not only filtrate the granular pollutants but also the natural and gaseous forms of impurities, which, in turn, enhance the oxygen levels. You will notice the elements of the law of physics in the way UBreathe Life functions as it implements the phytoremediation cycle of greeneries to enhance the filtration of the atmosphere. 

UBreathe Mini

Other than the regular-sized UBreathe Life, the brand also has a mini version of the smart air purifier called UBreathe Mini. And just as its name, it comes in a smaller size which is ideal to place it on desks and tables. The UBreathe Mini is also designed using the bio-filtering process to enhance the air quality of your surroundings, which makes us feel very safe and dependable to breathe freely. The mini UBreathe air purifier uses 100% sustainable and biodegradable materials, which confine even the microscopic dust molecules that we normally can't see with our naked eyes, and terminates harmful contaminants in the interior ambience.

UBreathe Wall

UBreathe also has a wall-mounted, HEPA-free, modular air purifier, which is ideal to install in semi-indoor spaces with dense population inflow. UBreathe Wall can be effortlessly mounted on walls or any barriers. The product is developed using an aqua filter, bio-filter, and UV to bring the best results. Through the benefit of UV-radiation and Rain Shower Technology, a water curtain conditions and runs over the surface, which functions as a self-cleaning mechanism. This idea is inspired by the nature of rain, where the air quality is naturally improved post-shower. The UBreathe Wall can be installed in semi-interior spaces within the range of 500 sq. ft per module. The exterior of the device is aesthetically designed as well, where the users can personalize it according to their preferences.

1.5 crore Pact With Shark Tank

The head of product from Ubreathe, Subham Singh, along with the founder, Sanjay Maurya, participated in the second season of India's reality production, Shark Tank earlier this year. The heads of the brand made a memorable presentation of their UBreathe Smart Indoor Air Purifier in front of the notable judges, detailing the concept of air quality and its effects. The Shark Tank experts seemed pretty pleased with their innovations and future goals, and the Ubreathe team managed to secure a contract of Rs. 1.5 crores with one of the sharks, Namita Thapar. 

How To Get In Contact With Ubreathe 

You can easily get connected with the Ubreathe team through social media, phone calls, or emails, for any queries, complaints, promotions, etc. 

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Email ID- [email protected]

Phone Number- +91 9717957023

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