Unacademy Referral Code

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Unacademy Referral Code

Unacademy is a path-breaking portal that has transformed the entire scenario of the way learning is achieved.  Well, it's not so much about receiving a degree from them as its focus is to help in your studies, providing you with the most authentic material to prepare for various competitive exams (like JEE, NEET, UPSC, CA, GATE, UPSC NDA, CUET, Boards etc.). It is achieved with the comfort of your home and at your desired pace. You don't need to migrate in the name of education and preparation for the most sought out exams.  Notable is the fact that their courses  can be quite expensive to prepare for otherwise. Enrolling in Unacademy cuts down on migration and overall preparation cost on physical materials and offline training.

It has expanded on its initial goal visualized by its founders Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh and Roman Saini in 2015. Now, it offers content on foundational (K-12) and skill building courses (programming, photography, entrepreneurship, etc.).

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With the latest  Unacademy referral code, PLUS5GQNV, you can enroll for any of the courses or a plus membership through the Unacademy app and save an extra 20%..

Referral on Unacademy- World’s Biggest Online Education Platform

KaroBargain Referral Code for Unacademy

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How to Signup Using Unacademy Referral Code?

Referral code for Unacademy: PLUSH84EN

Note: To receive special cashback and other advantages, you must use the referral link provided above.

Step 1: Open the Unacademy app or on the web by clicking on just this referral link or follow the button to launch the browser. (To receive the discount, use a new mobile phone number).

Step 2: Enter a mobile number that has never been entered before and certify using an OTP.

Step 3: Type in your name, email address, and your location.

Step 4: Click on Get Subscription.

Step 5: Choose your plan and enter the referral code PLUSH84EN in step 5.

Benefits of Unacademy Referral Code

  • Unlike other ed-tech businesses, the Unacademy refer and earn programme requires enrollment before you may refer friends. 
  • When you sign up for any Unacademy programme, you may view your referral code and recommend it to suitable connections to provide them 20% off. 
  • In exchange, you earn 10% of what they paid in the form of reward points that can be encashed in accordance with several slabs. 
  • You can earn different benefits for referrals by earning referral points, which you receive if your buddy signs up as an Unacademy PLUS/ICONIC subscriber. You will also receive a free upgrade to your active subscription.
  • If you invite five friends to get enrolled in any course worth more than Rs.10,000  and they satisfy the parameters, you have a chance to win a Dell Laptop as a gift hamper.

Unacademy Refer and Earn Program

The first thing you need to do is to enroll in a course or become a PLUS member if you want to invite friends and earn prizes from Unacademy. If collecting referral bonuses rather than taking a course as your primary goal, it is advisable to sign up for the ICONIC membership, which includes a course from Sachin Tendulkar and is relatively inexpensive for everyone. You can create your referral code and begin dispersing it among your connections who might be considering online education.You can unlock the following reward slabs for qualified referrals based on the final subscription cost your buddy pays by signing with your referral code to get a discount.


Subscription duration boughtSubscription amount paid by each refereeReward for referrer
6 months or moreRs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 Gift voucher worth Rs 250 
6 months or moreRs.10,000 to Rs.20,000  Gift voucher worth Rs 500
6 months or moreRs.20,000 Rs.50,000 Gift voucher worth Rs 1,000
6 months or more> Rs 50,000Gift voucher worth Rs 2,500


  • Referral reward is expected for subscriptions ≥Rs 5000 (per subscription cost)
  • The referral reward will be released:
    -Only after the first two successful referrals.
    -After completing 60 days from the time the subscription was purchased.
  • Referral rewards are only applicable if the subscription is for 6 months or above.
  • Referral rewards are only applicable for Plus and Iconic subscription purchase.
  • A 1-month free Plus subscription will be provided to the same goal as your friend’s, and only once in a lifetime.
  • A 1-month free Plus subscription will only be provided for the first successful referral.
  • If your friend purchases a combo subscription using your referral code, you will get a free 1-month Plus subscription to both goals For example- .If your friend buys a Combo subscription, one of UPSC CSE - GS and one of UPSC CSE - Optional, and both subscriptions are of more than Rs. 5,000 and 6 months in duration, you will be receiving a subscription extension and reward only once, for whichever Goal is bought first in the combo subscription as well as separately.
  • Referral rewards are not applicable if the subscription is bought during an ongoing existing offer/sale.

How Can You Start Referring Friends to Unacademy?

If you are using Unacademy web:

Step 1.Click on your Profile icon at the top-right corner of the page

Step 2. Select Refer your friends

If you are using the Unacademy app:

Step 1:Go to the Me tab at the bottom-right side of the app

Step 2:Tap on Settings>Refer and earn.

Step 3: Choose "Invite Friends" from the menu

Step 4: Send out your invitation link via SMS, WhatsApp, inbox on messenger and direct messaging over Instagram or Twitter.

Unacademy  Refer and Earn Guidelines:

  • Please be aware that you must directly provide referral code to  your friends directly. Referral codes belong to Unacademy and are not permitted to be shared or posted on any open platform or social media website employing paid marketing or sponsored advertisements.
  • In the event that Unacademy discovers evidence of a Learner engaging in such behavior, it has the right to revoke each and every referral point.

Unacademy Referral: Terms & Conditions:

  • Unacademy retains the right to change or completely discontinue the Referral Program without prior notice.
  •  Referral Rewards are not exchangeable for cash equivalents or other items of equal value.
  • These cannot be transferred or endorsed openly on social media.
  • In case of any violation of the Referral Program, Unacademy reserves the right to cancel or block the issue of Referral Rewards. Emails with spam or unlawful content are not allowed.
1) What is the referral code for Unacademy?

The most recent referral code for Unacademy is PLUS3KBU2, and the referral incentive is unpredictable. You may get Amazon Vouchers or cool gift hampers like JBL Speakers upon referring the courses to your friends.

2) How much do I benefit if I refer an Unacademy Course to someone?

-Referral Points equal 10 percent of what amount is paid by your friend. For Example, if your friend purchases a course for INR 30K, you'll earn 3000 points for referral. -If you invite five friends to get enrolled in any course worth more than Rs.10,000 and they satisfy the parameters, you have a chance to win a Dell Laptop as a gift hamper.

3) How does Unacademy find out that I suggested a course to my friend?

When your friend signs up using your referral code, it gets registered with Unacademy.

4) If my buddy uses my referral code, what will he/she receive?

Your buddy can save 10% on the cost of the subscription if they use your referral code.

5) Do I also receive referral bonuses if my buddy renews Plus/Iconic subscription while already being a subscriber?

No, the referral reward is not applicable for renewals (your friend has to be a new subscriber to the platform).

6) How many referrals must I make to qualify for the new referral policy's rewards?

You may recommend as many friends as you like, but only qualifying recommendations will earn you rewards. The following requirements should be met by eligible referrals: -Your friend has the same goal as you. -Their subscription is for at least six months. -The subscription is for at least Rs. 5,000. -You can win a Laptop and an Unacademy T-shirt only once in a lifetime.

7) I have yet to receive my gift voucher. What to do?

Please contact the Unacademy Support Team at [email protected] if you've still not received your gift voucher after waiting at least 60 days from the purchase date and making the first two qualified referrals.

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