International Women’s Day: Quotes, Wishes, Gifts For Your Favourite Woman

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International Women's Day is an important day for women populace around the world. It is celebrated for several reasons which some may not be aware of the idea or the history behind why this very day is celebrated. Here, in this article, we will briefly explain the International Women's Day with the 3Ws- What, When, Why.

What: What Caused This Day To Emerge?

To keep it in brief, the International Women's Day first emerged when thousands of women garment workers in North America and across Europe had enough of the unequal treatment they had been receiving and went on strike. They marched through the city to protest against their working conditions and began to fight for their rights. Since then, women's fight for their rights slowly started to reach out to the global dimension in both developed and developing countries, thus, celebrated throughout the world to this day. One should also be apprised that the official colour of the International Women's Day is Purple, signifying justice and dignity.

When: Going Back To The Beginning.

In 1908, when women began to voice out for their rights and actively engage in campaigning for change, National Women's Day came about to commemorate the rights of women in 1909, initiated by the Socialist Party of America. It was proposed to honour the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York, where women protested against their working conditions. It was in 1910 when Clara Zetkin, who was then the Leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, proposed the idea of celebrating the International Women's Day every year in every country and on the same day to press for their demands. With unanimous approval from several women present at that point, International Women's Day was born. However, it was not an official until 1911.

Why: Why Everybody Should Celebrate This Day.

To this day, International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world to celebrate the achievements every woman has earned, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, culture, language, economy or political. However, there is still a massive count of people who are yet to apprehend why it is important to celebrate this day. Based on this year's theme, 'Think equal, build smart, innovate for change', here are few of the many reasons why you should start celebrating this day, regardless of your gender, religion or race-

  • There is still inequality in wage payment due to gender differences.
  • Women's education is still discouraged in many countries.
  • Violence against women is considered normal and accepted.
  • Women get exploited or victim-blamed when they bring up obnoxious incidents.
  • The stereotype of how and what women should be, still exists!

So, it is never too late to show your love and support to your female acquaintances whether she is your mother, sister, friend, or work colleague. This International Women's Day, make it a little special by showing your appreciation with small gestures-

Share inspirational videos of women to your loved ones to show your gratefulness and to remind them of their importance in your life and their impact towards the society:

Share these powerful speeches made by the women of great personalities:

History’s Most Powerful Speeches Given By Women
5 of the most powerful speeches made by women, for women

Show your love and affection towards your sister, girlfriend or mother by opting for these gifts-

A movie date is another excellent idea to make your woman happy and feel special. Movies like Furie, Greta, Woman At War, and Saint Judy, are on the theatreswhich is a great lineup to watch on Women's Day. Book the tickets here-


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