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Want to get rewards every time you shop online?. Fave offers you incredible cashback offers on every digital transaction. Shopping has never been this smart! KaroBargain has some exciting Fave coupons that you just can’t afford to miss.

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About Fave

Established in 2015, Fave is currently one of SouthEast Asia’s most notable fintech platforms. Fave is a smart payment app that can bring value to your shopping experience. It offers you exciting deals, cashback offers and flexible payment options. Customers love the app’s seamless QR payment interface and the extra savings that they get on every digital transaction. 

Fave focuses on providing its customers with outstanding deals and promotions to help them save some additional amount. You can browse, purchase and redeem the most amazing travel, spa and restaurant deal with just a few clicks on your mobile screen. The platform is a smart payment solution for new-age customers who are tech-savvy and updated with the latest trends. With facilities like eCards and FavePay, the platform goes the extra mile to help customers save their money.

On the other hand, Fave offers its offline merchants payments and loyalty programmes that help them grow and expand their businesses in the digital space. Along with strategic partners the platform offers its offline merchants great opportunities for customer acquisition and retention. Fave responsibly takes care of data management, marketing, financing and operations of their offline merchants. It is a new-age online platform that lets its merchants connect with their customers digitally. The company is on a mission to speed up the offline world’s shift to the digital economy. The platform serves as the payment aggregator for E-Wallets and Credit/Debit cards like Mastercard, and Visa. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the company operates in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently, the company has 7 investors which include InnoVen Capital and Pine Labs. Pine Labs, an Indian company which provides invoicing tools, and business payments terminals acquired Fave at a valuation of $45 million in 2021.  The company believes that Fave’s acquisition will help it to reinforce its consumer-faced offerings in the domestic as well as international markets. 

Why should you try the Fave App?

Fave is an amazing platform as it gets you rewarded every time you shop! Be it going out for a dinner or stepping out for a hair spa, it all gets better with Fave. KaroBagain has listed down the top reasons why you should join the platform.

  1.  Get assured cashback every time you make a purchase-The three-step process of earning a reward is: Scan, Pay and Earn. Bear in mind the cashback is offered at Fave’s partner brands only. 
  2. No cap on what you are offered-Fave doesn’t believe in hidden terms and conditions. You receive exactly what you are promised.
  3. Get notified of offers- The platform keeps on updating and notifying you about the offers on your favourite brands.
  4. All your cashback gets collected at a single place-Fave let you view all your cashback together.
  5. Get Notified before a cashback expires- The app lets know before the expiry of any cashback. Thus, you do not have the headache of keeping a close eye on all your cashback offers.
  6. Secure and convenient payment options-KaroBargain assures you that Fave is an absolutely secure platform to make your payments. Also thanks to the user-friendly interface of the app, which makes payments super easy for the customers,

How to use the Fave app?

Making payments through the Fave app is not at all a complex procedure. You just need to follow the step-by-step guide stated below:

Step 1: Find the QR code which you need to scan with the Fave app.

Step 2:In the second step, scan and pay with the Fave app using UPI.

Step 3: That’s it. You have won a cashback which will be credited to your account in the next purchase. 

Exclusive Fave Promo Codes That You Must Check Out

You must be missing out on a lot of stuff if you do not start using Fave. We have listed below some amazing Fave Promo codes that you must check out.


Offers Promo Code
Get up to 50% off on anti-acne purifying facial. In your city.Show Code
Get 10% off on facial hair removalShow Code
Get Rs 200 cashback on stainless steel cutleryShow Code
Enjoy Rs 200 off on grooming servicesShow Code
Rs 50 off on first FavePay Later transaction Show Code
30% off on selected beauty and wellness productsShow Code
Rs 40 cashback upon E-card purchaseShow Code

We hope that all the above mentioned promo codes turns beneficial for you during your next purchase.

Fave Loyalty Platform

FLP or the Fave Loyalty Platform allows you to earn partner cashback. The cashback is applicable even when you pay to Fave partners using any third-party apps or wallets. In order to get partner cashback, at first, you need to scan the FavePay QR code using participating payment apps or E-wallets. The partner cashback will come to your payment app/E-wallet after the payment has been successful. You can utilise this cashback when making your next payment at the same partner’s participating outlet.

What is FavePay?

FavePay is nothing but a cashless mobile payment method that is designed for new-age customers like you. FavePay ensures that you do not need to carry your wallet every time you make payment. To use FavePay all that you need is your smartphone and the Fave app. Additionally, while you use FavePay, you gain access to exciting discounts and up to 20% cashback.

How are Fave deals different from FavePay?

Fave deals are pre-purchased offers. You can redeem these offers online or at a physical store.FavePay on the other hand is a mobile payment method, using which you can pay for your transactions. At times when you get lucky, you can also earn partner cashback of up to 20%, which you can use during your next visit.

What are Cashback Promo Codes on FavePay?

Cashback Promo Codes are quite different from instant discount promo codes. While discount promo codes offer the customers an automatic discount on the purchase amount, cashback promo codes transfer the credited value to the customer’s Fave Wallet. Thus, it means that you will have to make a purchase of the product at its full price and you will get the cashback to Fave Wallet. This cashback, you can utilise on your next purchase. 

Fave eCard

On Fave, customers get the opportunity to purchase E-cards. These E-cards are nothing but digital cards which provide the customers with cash back every time they buy a partner eCard. Both the bonus cashback as well as the paid amount get transferred to the customer’s account after a successful purchase. To check out the available E-cards, you can simply tap on the eCards icon, which is visible on the homepage of your Fave app.

It is important to note that ECards on Fave are strictly non-cancellable and non-refundable for cash. To purchase an eCard, you can use a variety of payment options, which we have listed down below:

  • Credit Card(Mastercard, Visa)
  • E-wallets
  • Debit cards( Visa, Mastercard)
  • Fave Cashback
  • Fave e-cashback

Promo codes can also be used to avail additional perks while you buy your eCard.

Fave also gives you the option to gift your eCard before you actually buy it. KaroBargain has described the step-by-step method which you can follow to purchase an eCard.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to choose the eCard which you want to buy.

Step 2: Then give tap on the GIFT IT button and put down the recipient’s details such as name, E-mail address and phone number. 

Step 3: In the final step, tap on the PROCEED TO PAY button and complete your purchase.

It is important to note that the recipient of the eCard gift needs to properly go through and follow the terms and conditions of the card if they want to utilise it.

Is it possible to refer my friends to Fave?

Yes when you refer your friend to Fave, both of will receive a discount. So, you need to share your personal referral code and you will get rewarded whenever a friend uses that code while making their first purchase. Please note that a referral code is used in the same way a promo code is availed.

Is it possible to have multiple Fave accounts?

No, you have multiple accounts on Fave. Each person can maintain only one account on Fave. In case you need assistance in updating your account details such as email address, or phone number, you can contact [email protected] and the company will get it updated for you. You can also reach out to Fave through the live chat feature. The app allows its users to make some changes by themselves. For example, you can edit your name, location, gender, and birthday. To make these changes, you need to sign in to your accountant and then go to the Me tab.

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