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In the 21st century, it is important to be health conscious. If you are a fitness freak, who consumes multivitamin and protein supplements, we’ve got some good news for you. Healthkart, India’s most loved health and fitness brand is offering unbelievable discounts on its products. Check out the best deals here!

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About Healthkart

Healthkart offers a varied range of products for the health-conscious and fitness freaks out there. It is an online health and fitness store. Catering to different age groups, the company values authenticity, quality and transparency more than everything else. Set up in March 2011, Healthkart delivers everything from protein supplements, and weight loss products to vitamins, sports gear other wellness products at reasonable prices. These products are consumed for athletic performance and fitness. It is interesting to note that Healthkart also provides its customers with diet planning services through trained nutritionists. 

Dedicated to helping its customers attain fitness goals, the company is hailed as India’s top health supplement store. Healthkart brings before you a wide range of supplements such as minerals, proteins, vitamins etc. Healthkart’s MuscleBlaze is one of the most recommended bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplement brands. 

What can I get at Healthkart?

Are you looking for weight loss solutions? Healthkart offers you a wide range of health and nutrition supplements to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Interested to know about the different product offerings of Healthkart? KaroBargain has listed them below all for you.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

The gym goes and fitness enthusiasts use a lot of products to upscale their performance and attain their fitness goals. Are you one of them? Healthkart’s authentic sports nutrition supplements are one of a kind. Choose supplements from Healthkart’s wide range of domestic and international brands. Some of the top nutrition supplements of Healthkart are Mass Gainer, Whey Protein, Whey Protein Isolate and Weight Gainer.

Multivitamin Supplements

Doctors often recommend consuming multivitamin supplements as they keep us healthy and energised. Multivitamins supplements apart from keeping you in the right shape, help you build stronger muscles. A balanced diet, daily exercise and Healthkart’s multivitamins supplements can do wonders for you. Popular multivitamin supplements that Healthkart provides are as follows: Fish Oil, Omega 3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.

Ayurveda and Herbs

Nobody can deny the effectiveness of India’s age-old health secret- Ayurveda. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or any other health-related issue, and nothing is working out, Ayurveda can do wonders for you! As Ayurvedic products have natural ingredients, they do not have any side effects. They can calm your body in no time. Additionally, these products contain no preservatives or fillers. If you are looking for Ayurvedic supplements, there’s no better place than Healthkart. Choose your product from top brands such as HealthViva, Shivalik Herbals and Organic India only on Healthkart. Best of all, you can get these supplements at a discounted price using our Healthkart coupon. Some of the most loved Ayurveda and Herbs supplements on Healthkart are Garcinia Cambogia, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Green Tea Extract and Bringraj.

Food and Drinks

If you are conscious about your daily calorie intake, if you always invest in high-quality and healthy food and drinks, Healthkart is meant for you. Browse through the thousands of food and drink options on Healthkart and shop your favourite items. Made from natural ingredients, Healthkart’s food and drinks are packed with the goodness of herbs and nutrients. Absolutely free from preservatives, these products can help you to improve your lifestyle. Some of the most popular products on Healthkart are Meal Replacement shakes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbal Green Tea, Snack Bars and Health Drinks. 

Healthkart-Shop by Brand

Healthkart can never disappoint you when it comes to purchasing health supplements and other nutritious products. The company offers you the opportunity to purchase products from well-known health and fitness brands such as GNC, Muscleblaze, Herbalife, ON, My Protein, Muscletech, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize, Isopure, Truebasics, Amway, Incredio and many more.

Healthkart Promo Code

Healthkart provides its customers with offers and discounts all around the year. KaroBargain has brought before you some handpicked Healthkart promo codes that you just can’t miss.

  • Get up to 60% off on Multivitamin supplements on Healthkart. The discount is applicable to the MRP. Use the promo code: MUL500 during your checkout to get the discount.
  • Enjoy up to 60% off Fish Oil products on Healthkart. The discount is applicable to the MRP. Use the promo code: FISHOIL200 during your checkout to get the discount. Please note that you can get a maximum discount of Rs. 400 using this promo code.

How can I use the Healthkart Promo Code?

Using the Healthkart promo code is an absolutely simple process. Just follow the step-by-step process we have mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Healthkart app on your smartphone or visit their official website. Log in to your Healthkart account. In case, you do not have an account, create one.

Step 2: Choose the product you want to buy and add it to your cart.

Step 3: Copy the Healthkart code you want to apply. Make sure that the promo code hasn’t expired.

Step 4: During your checkout, apply the promo code to enjoy its benefits.

That’s all you need to do.

Latest Healthkart Discounts on KaroBargain

Are you a fitness freak? Do you often order items from Healthkart? Why not check out the latest Healthkart deals before making your purchase? KaroBargain has listed all of them in the table below: 

Healthkart DealsOffer Validity
Get up to 60% off on Nutrafirst products on Healthkart.Offer valid till 31st, December, 2022
Stock up on your Labrada products at a 35% discount.Offer valid till 31st, December, 2022
Best Healthkart Deal: Get all health nutrition products at a starting price of just Rs. 2999.Offer valid till 31st, December, 2022
Make your payment on Healthkart using Simpl and enjoy 10% cashback.Offer valid till 31st, December, 2022

Healthkart Premium Membership

You can get access to exclusive rewards when you own a Healthkart Premium Membership account. With Healthkart Premium Membership, you get an instant 3% discount during your checkout. At the time of special sale periods, you get to enjoy an additional 3% discount. Another notable benefit is that you are among the first to know about product launches. Isn’t that really cool?

Healthkart Selected Membership

After you join Healthkart’s selected Membership program, you get access to the following rewards:

  • Get access to exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 offers.
  • Enjoy special privileges at the Healthkart retail stores.
  • Enjoy an additional 5% off when you buy your products on Healthkart.
  • Enjoy 2% Cashback on every purchase you make on Healthkart.

Healthkart Referral Progra

Healthkart Referral Program allows you to refer the app to your acquaintances using a specific referral link. When making a referral, you get Rs. 200 off on your next order. In this program, a minimum transaction value is involved. These offers gained through this program can’t be clubbed with other Healthkart coupons and deals. Kindly note that the various benefits of this program are subject to change.

Latest Healthkart Coupons

Whether it is branched-chain amino acids, fat burner or mass gainer, you can find it all on Healthkart. Best of all, Healthkart offers its customers exclusive coupon codes to fill their shopping carts with much more than they wished for. You can enjoy unbelievable discounts using our Healthkart coupon codes. Curious to know about them? KaroBargain has listed some exclusive Healthkart coupons for you in the table below.

Healthkart OffersTerms and Conditions of the OfferOffer Validity
Get flat Rs. 100 off on purchasing HealthViva products.
  • Minimum purchase value is Rs. 999.
Offer valid till 31st December, 2022
Enjoy flat Rs. 200 off on purchasing Incredio Brand products
  • Minimum purchase value is Rs. 2000.
Offer valid till 31st December, 2022
Healthkart New User Offer: Purchase any item on Healthkart and enjoy Rs. 250 off
  • Offer valid only on selected brands.
  • Minimum order value is Rs. 2000
Offer valid till 31st December, 2022


My Healthkart coupon code isn’t working, what should I do?

If your Healthkart coupon code isn’t working, kindly check whether you have correctly entered the code. Before using a particular Healthkart coupon, kindly go through all of its terms and conditions. It is also important to note the expiry date of the coupon. If the chosen coupon has already expired, choose the one that is still valid. Kindly check if a minimum transaction value is required to use the Healthkart coupon.

What is HK Cash?

Every time you make a purchase on Healthkart, you get HK cash or reward points. The number of reward points you will gain through your purchase can vary from one product category to another.

How can I use HK Cash?

After the delivery of your Healthkart item and upon passing the 14-day return period, HK Cash will be reflected on your Healthkart account. You can use redeem these points on your next purchase. Kindly note that HK Cash has an expiry time of 90 days. You should also know that you use HK Cash only on prepaid payment modes such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking etc.

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