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OZiva is a plant-based nutrition brand to help you stay healthy, glowing and hydrated. OZiva is a clean nutrition brand that offers fitness, hair, skin, men’s health, women’s health, and general wellness products. Now get healthy with OZiva and make more savings using KaroBargain OZiva coupons.

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About OZiva 

Aarti Gill and Mihir Gadani co-founded OZiva nutrition in the year 2016. They started OZiva nutrition with the vision of helping millions of people to follow healthier, plant-based nutrition. Their products go beyond just health, the company works with ethics to give back to nature.

OZiva nutrition was welcomed by people because they sold clean and natural products only. This made them different from the other nutritional products that are available in the market that had chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Oziva was a big hit among women. The company noticed that they had more female customers looking for a clean plant based nutrition product. This inspired the company to focus more on the health concerns of women. 

There is a significant gap between the health issues that women face and products  that are available in the market to address these concerns. From the start of puberty to menopause a woman goes through lots of hormonal and nutritional issues. The problems are common even if they follow a normal healthy lifestyle. To help solve these problems, they needed some extra dose of nutrition, this extra nutrition is what Oziva provides.    

OZiva Kisan Vikas Program

Oziva is a brand that believes in giving back to mother nature and people. As a first step, they are keen to improve the life of farmers, who live a life close to nature and land. To help the farmers and support them Oziva has come up with the ‘Kisan Vikas program.

 The scheme works with the mission to provide a sustainable livelihood to the farmers. The farming community of India on an everyday basis is hurdled by lots of issues.  They face all sorts of social and economical issues. They are the people who are most affected by climate change and urban development. These farmers who feed us are living in poverty.

Oziva noticed that the farmer communities need help with their children’s education. So that at least the next generation has a chance of getting a job as a second income to the household. But oziva also noticed that the kids drop out due to the financial crisis in their families.

To empower the farmer community, Oziva started by providing funds and school supplies. Every time you make a purchase with Oziva, the brand contributes money to education and to provide better health and nutrition for farmers and their families. The brand also financially empowers the farmers by paying them for the raw materials collected from them.

OZiva Assessment Feature 

Ozivia has a range of products addressing various issues. It is natural to feel confused not knowing what it is that you want. They have a range of products addressing skin, hair, beauty and protein supplements for kids, women and men. If you are not sure of what to get that can help you, just take the Oziva assessment.

When you go to the homepage you will see the “ take assessment’ option click on that to take the Ozivia assessment. All you have to do is answer the set of questions asked to receive the recommendation. 

First select your gender, then select your goal from the list whether it is healthy nutrition, hair health, skin health or weight. Then choose your concern to get your recommendation.  

Benefits of OZiva Nutrition

People are more educated and concerned about their fitness and health. But it is hard for people to follow a healthy lifestyle in a busy life. Oziva products are power packed with  needed nutrients, minerals and proteins. The products of Ozivia are vegan-friendly and safe. They are ISO and FSSAI-certified products.

Oziva products are incorporated with powerful ayurvedic herbs like shatavari, flax seed, tulsi etc. The components contained in Oziva products can help you with muscle building, a better immune system, and hair, skin and bone health. They also help to  improve the functioning of the kidneys, the heart, and the reproductive system. 

Nutrition Range for Women

OZiva has a plethora of plant-based health supplements that are enriched with the goodness of ayurveda and nature. Oziva has a large number of satisfied women consumers. Oziva has products that are made of superior quality herbs to meet their daily nutrient requirements. 

Oziva products for women have compositions that can help them with everything their reproductive systems need, which is very essential for a woman. They also have products that can help women with health concerns like PCOs, menopause and vaginal health. They also have products to help women achieve healthy skin, hair and metabolism rate.  

Nutrition Range for  Men’s Fitness

Men are notoriously at high risk to have heart related issues, even when they follow a healthy lifestyle. Studies prove that men show a deficiency in nutrients and healthy fat. Even men who consume meat on a regular basis find it difficult to meet protein requirements without the side effects of cholesterol. 

Oziva comes with a range of products to help men with lean muscles and weight loss. Oziva products for men have muscle repair properties to help repair muscle injuries that occur after a heavy workout or labour. The oziva supplements have stress relieving properties that can help people who suffer from sleep disorders too.

Vitamins & Minerals Supplement 

Vitamins and minerals are very essential for the healthy functioning of the body. A deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients can be a reason for various health issues. Even though we only require a small trace of vitamins and minerals a day our diets fail to provide this.

Don’t worry, oziva got you covered, they have a range of products to cover your daily vitamin and mineral needs. Their range of products offers  multivitamins, biotin, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins D and K and more.

OZiva Clean Beauty 

Due to many external and internal factors the skin and hair health of many of us are minimal. The harsh environment, stress, blue light, and improper diet are decisive factors in our skin health. To protect and provide for skin health Oziva has a wide range of serums, moisturisers, oils, shampoo, and face masks

OZiva Prime Membership 

To enjoy more of the benefits provided by Oziva you can join their prime membership program. Being a prime member of Oziva means you can get additional discounts and exclusive deals and offers. It also comes with the benefit of free consultation and recommendations from qualified nutritionists. 

To be an oziva prime member all you have to do is purchase the prime membership from their site or app. You can see the option for prime membership in their cart. Each member can have a prime membership validity of six months. To renew the membership you can buy it again after six months from the oziva webpage.  

Shipping & Delivery

Oziva has a fast and efficient delivery system. After you have ordered the product, the item will get delivered within 3- 5 working days anywhere in India.  For deliveries that are outside India, it may take more than 15 days and the shipping charges depend on the location. 

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How to claim Oziva Coupons? 

Making more profits while shopping is now made easier with KaroBargin. To redeem OZiva coupons visit our Karobargain site, and leaf through our coupon pages. You won’t be disappointed with the coupons and discounts we have collected for you. 

  • Visit our KaroBargain page
  • Pick an OZiva nutrition coupon that can help you save more. 
  • Copy the code and visit the OZiva nutrition page 
  • Select the products you want to purchase and add them to your cart. 
  • While checking out the products, enter the coupon code you copied from the KaroBargain page.

Popular Products of OZiva Nutrition

 OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder – 

For wrinkle-free healthy skin, a collagen supplement  is what you might need. It helps skin to retain its natural glow and tightness. You can see results within 12 days of collagen intake. It is also found to help burn fat and to promote weight loss. 

The product comes in two flavours: collagen classic and collagen berry orange. The product helps in the faster synthesis of collagen and customers say that it has helped them achieve a youthful glow in 12 days and that it helps in skin repair and UV light protection.

 OZiva Youth Elixir Anti-Ageing Face Serum 

This plant-based serum contains natural extracts of safflower seed oil, paracress extract, milkvetch root extract, Tiare flower extract and rose oil to give a moisturised wrinkle free skin. Users say that using the serum helped them with textured skin and skin smoothening. 

 OZiva Protein & Herbs for Men 

Oziva protein for men comes in 3 delicious flavours chocolate, cafe mocha, and banana caramel. The product has cold-pressed whey protein that is necessary for muscle repair and growth. The product is also packed with Iron, Zinc, multivitamins and multimineral such as Vitamins A, D, E, C, and B-Complex.

 OZiva Plant Based HerBalance for PCOS

This product is a must have for women who are suffering from irregular periods and  low energy and muscle soreness during their menstrual cycle. It helps to maintain a healthy hormone balance and reduces cramps during the periods. It comes with digestive enzymes that  promote better digestion and reduce bloating that comes during the period days.

 Oziva Superfood for Superkids 

Oziva has tasty gummies to help your kid have a healthy life. It is tasty and kids will love the taste of it. The product has three variants for vision, immunity and brain growth and has flavours available in orange, strawberry and mixed fruit flavours. You can either buy them as a combo or as an individual package.   

The vision multi gummies are good for long-term eye health and improved vision. It protects the eye retina and blood vessels in the eyes by making them stronger.

The immunity gummy can help stop your kid from getting ill frequently by improving their immunity. The product has components to support the growth of white blood cells and antibodies. 

The brain multi gummies can help enhance your child’s attention span and brain health. The product has herbs like ashwagandha and Brahmi to enhance memory, concentration and mental alertness.

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