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In India, jewelry has been considered an art of expressing one's culture and tradition for centuries. It is more than simply a trend and has a long history in Indian culture and customs. In this generation, however, gold and silver jewelry has lost some of its value due to progress and contemporary society. Nowadays, most of us prefer to purchase artificial jewelry from artificial jewelry brands in India. Despite the vast difference in the cost, modern style accessories have designs that are identical reproductions of the jewelry in gold and silver. Here is a list of the Best Artificial Jewellery Brands In India that offer classy designs.

Zaveri Pearls

Zaveri Pearls is one of the best imitation jewelry brands online that is praised by consumers for the assurance of the purity of their products. The brand was founded in 1997 and gained popularity for its exquisite Kundan designs. From ultra-contemporary to the newest in traditional styling, this brand has one of the widest selections of jewelry to offer you today. Stacking up your jewelry box with Zaveri Pearls accessories will come in handy for a variety of situations, from amplifying your ethnic looks to mastering party wear.


Peora is an American brand that was founded in 1998 and is quite well-known in India for producing stunning jewelry with exquisite diamonds and pearls. With bold and simple patterns, you will find an excellent collection of jewelry made of sterling silver and gold plating. Their accessories are easily available on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Nykaa.

Tribe Amrapali

This brand was started in 1978 by two skilled artisans- Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, who had an ardent interest in collecting exquisite jewelry. This brand is especially loved by the Rajasthani people because the designs are a blend of conventional styles and contemporary ones. You will find a wide range of accessories in this brand, like chains, bracelets, armlets, anklets, necklaces, pendants, and rings.

Pipa Bella

Another brand to enter our list of the Best Artificial Jewelry Brands is Pipa Bella. It is one of the most well-known brands in India for artificial jewelry, which you can easily shop online. Today, the brand I recognized for owning credits of more than a thousand original designs for bracelets, cocktail rings, necklace pendants, earrings, and chains. They also offer designs in 18k gold plating in addition to manufacturing using metal, resin, beads, crystals, and stones. If you want customized pendants, bracelets, and rings, the brand offers that option as well. 


Voylla offers a collection of authentic designs and styles with the expertise of skilled tradespeople. Their jewelry designs are crisp and vibrant, which are ideal for both business and everyday wear. If you are looking for the latest and trendiest faux jewelry, Voylla is the one. Today, this brand stands strong with more than 250 stores and more than 45000 unique designs. It is also renowned for utilizing traditional Indian artwork, like Madhubani, Ajrakh, and Kantha, to produce cutting-edge designs for its accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry.

The Luxor

The Luxor brand is another fantastic one-stop shop for faux jewelry shopping for bridal wear or to blend with traditional outfits. The jewelry designs in the collection include hefty, classic, and modern styles. Anklets, earrings, mangal sutra, bangles, mang tikas, pendants, and necklace sets are among the artificial jewelry from Luxor. They create jewelry using vintage-inspired traditional motifs. The best part is that Luxor jewelry can be worn for many years without losing its quality and are gentle on the skin because they are made of non-toxic materials.


Sukkhi was officially launched in 2012, and today we can easily shop their products from top online sites like Flipkart and Amazon. It is one of the most reputable jewelry companies in India that creates unique pearls, chokers, and accessories, and also offers a selection of men's rings. Additionally, you will also find oxidized necklaces, Kundan necklace sets, and bridal jewelry sets from their collection.


YouBella is another popular brand in India, committed to offering high-quality artificial jewelry as well as a distinctive shopping experience. One unique service they offer is that they perform quality control tests before the items are delivered. YouBella offers a collection of jewelry sets, brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, mangal sutras, and rings. While its traditional jewelry line is usually paired with major events, its minimalist jewelry can be worn with casual or business attire.


Palmonas Jewelry offers high-quality and reasonably priced artificial jewelry by combining premium alloys and metals like sterling silver and gold plating. It is the top artificial jewelry retailer online, where they provide its consumers with fashionable, elegant, and budget-friendly jewelry. If you check their products, you will discover a large selection of mangal sutra, rose gold, silver, and pearl collections. Whether you are at work, attending a special occasion, or on a casual date, Palmonas Jewelry will never go wrong!


India's most affluent jewelry line is Isharya, offering all contemporary jewelry collections. The brand was launched in 2004 and it summarizes the definition of glam and confident. Many female consumers in India love this brand as it allows them to feel unrestricted and poised while flaunting the jewelry. The brand offers an assortment of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other eccentric ornaments in the most modern jewelry styles. Because of its exquisite craftsmanship, Isharya is a favorite jewelry brand even among many influencers and celebrities. 


Mirraw is a Mumbai-based well-known ethnic fashion company started by Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair in 2011. At Mirraw, you can choose from a wide array of artificial jewelry as well as carefully crafted ethnic apparel and household accessories. Look forward to finding everything you are looking for at Mirraw under one roof, from South Indian and Kundan designs to temple jewelry. They have a collection of well-chosen styles designed by outstanding fashion designers

Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie is an outstanding jewelry designer, who has established a strong reputation in the Indian fashion and jewelry industries. She established her brand, Suhani Pittie, in 2004, which is well-known for partnering with other Indian e-commerce sites and with Swarovski. Her designs are well-applauded and worn by several Bollywood celebrities and influencers, which only makes us adore the company and its products more. It is also commendable to mention that the company is among the top 10 most inventive and original jewelry designers in the world, according to the World Gold Council. Internationally popular magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia, and Femina featured the works.

Ra Abta by Rahul

This brand was introduced in 2014 and has grown significantly since then. Despite offering a huge selection of jewelry, it is most renowned for its Kundan and jadau jewelry creations. They are known for crafting wedding jewelry, and brides frequently choose bridal fashion jewelry from this brand. Each item of jewelry from Raabta by Rahul is a genuine charmer, made from intricate details to exquisite designs. If you are looking for high-end quality jewelry for bridal wear, Ra Abta is the one-stop shop for you. 

Bansri Mehta Design

In 2001, fashion designer Bansri Mehta introduced this brand, offering an exciting selection of unique statement jewelry that personifies simplicity and design while retaining a certain allure. According to the designer of the brand, they take inspiration for their jewelry designs from street art, medieval cathedrals, artistic cafes, and diverse pieces. They have a fantastic selection of rings, earrings, and bracelets that were all expertly made using a combination of gold, sterling silver, pearls, and semi-precious stones.

Soni Fashion

Soni Fashion is another excellent brand to explore if you are looking for high-end quality faux jewelry. It was in 1990 when Ashish Soni started the company, and today, it has grown to be a household name. It does not only produce fine jewelry but also clothing and lifestyle items like watches, gadgets, bags, household goods, children's toys, and sports equipment. Their accessories are also super affordable and offer amazing discounts, which we cannot keep away from.

Senco Gold & Diamonds

Senco Gold and Diamonds is a fine jewelry brand that was established in 1994 in Kolkata, West Bengal. Since West Bengal is renowned for its creativity, craftsmanship, and art, expect to find some of the most exquisite works of jewelry in the house of Senco. They mainly deal with gold and diamond jewelry, and also offer unique silver jewelry designs. Their artificial jewelry is highly well-liked by women because it is inexpensive and has an exquisite appearance.

House Of Midas

The House of Midas is fairly a brand new company that was launched in January 2020 by a brother-sister duo who are born to a second generation in a family of jewelers & artisans in the city of Diamonds- Surat, Gujarat. Soon after its launch, the brand garnered a lot of attention from young generations as well as older ones because of its stunning collection of fine modern jewelry. It is India's 1st water-resistant fine jewelry store, offering a wide range of accessories like rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. It also accepts custom orders from clients. They offer two metal options to customers on their jewelry, which are 18k gold and platinum, and the best part? They gift 925 Sterling Silver Authenticity cards as well as a 2-year warranty on repair & maintenance to all pieces. 

How Do We Choose the Best Artificial Jewellery Brands For You?

Modern faux jewelry features exquisite patterns and craftsmanship, and at the same time, they are less expensive. Normally, the cost of decent-quality artificial jewelry in India can range from Rs 500 to Rs 4,500. There are a few points to know if you are planning to go on a shopping spree for artificial jewelry this festive season.


The caliber of your jewelry should be your top focus. Although you are purchasing faux jewelry, it is essential to avoid getting one that is made of low-quality materials. One of the best ways to judge the quality of jewelry is to look at the edges, the back, and the hooks.


Another approach to selecting the best replica jewelry is to research the most recent trends. Going for the latest jewelry designs is essential to complete your overall fashion outlook. Since fashion trends tend to constantly change throughout time, it is advisable to try something modern and stylish.

Finishing touches

When choosing artificial jewelry, you also need to make sure they are not discolored or damaged. Check the colour tone in the daylight to make sure the jewelry looks authentic enough to wear to a daytime function as well.


An additional tip for selecting the best faux jewelry is to choose pieces that are comfortable to wear. Many people tend to sacrifice their comfort to look trendy and stylish. Please try to avoid that since you never know the consequences you might encounter in public space. 

What is the best artificial jewelry brand in India?

There is a wide array of options today to choose from. Brands like Tribe Amrapali, Peora, Suhani Pittie, Pipa Bella, and Zaveri Pearls are two places to look for excellent quality faux jewelry. These companies take great pains to make sure you may get high-quality jewelry at a reasonable price.

Which site is best to buy artificial jewelry?

There are several online platforms to shop for artificial jewelry, like Tata Cliq, Nykaa, Flipkart, Shopclues, Myntra, and Amazon. Most of these brands also have their official websites.

Which is the biggest market for faux jewelry in India?

The largest wholesale jewelry market in India is located in Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar. This market has been around since the 1800s and is located in South Mumbai, very well-known for its gold and silver jewelry.

Is it worth buying artificial jewelry?

For those of you who enjoy experimenting and explore with their jewelry collection under budget, purchasing faux jewelry is the best choice. When you explore the amazing brands on the Indian market, you will be introduced to a wide variety of excellent quality jewelry items, including bangles, necklaces, statement earrings, rings, and more, for a cheap price.

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