Best Furniture Brands In India

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Furniture Brands

Furniture is an important part of designing a home and is a decorative element that expresses our sense of style. A home without furniture is like a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted with beauty. Well-organized furniture makes a space more aesthetically pleasing by enhancing its comfort and attractiveness. The way your home is designed and set up should tell the story of who you are and contain all the things you cherish. We find the greatest serenity and harmony at home, so it's crucial to revamp and renovate it to meet our needs. Because furniture brand design consumes a significant portion of your budget when you plan to rebuild or decorate your house, it is important to choose the right company.

The following furniture companies represent the best in Indian workmanship, design, and materials:


IKEA is a multinational Swedish company furniture brand that offers pre-assembled furniture for sale to customers all over the world. Although it was founded in 1942, Ikea didn't enter the Indian market until 2018 and it was an immediate success. IKEA has great options for you whether you want traditional or retro style furniture or to renovate your home with modern design furniture. The fantastic furniture selection includes kitchen, dining, bedroom, and other room-related items. It is India's first well-known furniture company to be granted permission to open retail locations and has more than 48 Ikea supplier stores in India. Additionally, IKEA is also the first major furniture company in India to receive FDI approval to open.


Godrej Interior is a company that is well-known in every Indian home, having been around for over a century. The company, which has its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, was established in 1923 as part of the Godrej Group (parent company). This firm has several shops and online retailers and operates efficiently throughout India. Godrej has a lot to offer and the quality exceeds all expectations, whether you need furniture for your homes, businesses, hotels, or public areas. Godrej Interio is one of the best furniture brands in India in 2022. It now has 50 showrooms spread across 18 major Indian cities, in addition to more than 800 dealer locations. In addition to having the best production capability, Godrej Interior also excels in product innovation, design, and high-level technological knowledge.


Wipro is a well-known international company that operates in several industries, including furniture, lighting, home appliances, and IT. It has a large fanbase within India due to the high quality of its furniture. Its main office is in Mumbai and was founded in 1945 by Mohammad Premji. This company focuses on innovation and design, and we can see it in the quality of their furniture products, which they offer in a variety of styles. They primarily focus on office furniture and their pieces are examples of perfection, quality, and excellent design. Wipro's furniture is a great option if you work from home or need a stylish table for studying!

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder offers a beautiful selection of home and office furnishings that elevate any space. There are several categories to choose from, including modern, traditional, stylish, industrial, and more. Urban Ladder was founded in 2012 and is now one of the most well-known furniture and décor businesses in India. It is known for its high-quality goods that have gained the respect and loyalty of its customers. Its current headquarters is located in Bangalore and it was founded by Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa. Nearly 5,000 different styles are available, including living, bedroom, dining, study, and so on. Furniture from this brand is exceptionally durable, made of premium wood, and comes with a 12-month warranty.


Nilkamal is a well-known furniture brand in India that is known for the quality of its furnishings. It is especially popular in remote areas of the country. Nilkamal offers a range of affordable furniture options that can add personality to your home's interior decor.


Durian is another popular furniture brand in India. It was founded by Ritesh Mohta and has 33 locations across the country. Durian offers a wide range of furniture items, including mattresses, dressing tables, side tables, stools, and more. The furniture is made with high-quality materials and comes with a five-year warranty. In some areas, the brand also offers free furniture consultation and professional installation at no additional cost.


Pepperfry is a popular furniture brand that has gained the attention of millennials and has revolutionized the furniture shopping experience. The brand offers a wide range of modern furniture pieces, including sofas, chairs, tables, beds, and more. The website is easy to navigate and offers a variety of filters to make shopping for furniture easier. In addition to furniture, Pepperfry also offers bed linens, pillows, rugs, household items, and glassware. The furniture is mostly made of engineered wood and is suitable for those who prefer a minimalist style.


Solimo is a sub-brand of Amazon that offers electronics, furniture, and household appliances. The brand is known for its high-quality items and focuses on keeping the cost of any items that do not add value to the product as low as possible. The furniture is designed to be lightweight and to enhance minimalist designs.

Natural Living

Natural Living is a well-known and reliable manufacturer of wooden furniture in India. The company was started by Keshar Singh Rathore and has eight locations in major cities, including Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. Natural Living also has a presence in multi-brand stores in cities like Ujjain, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Udaipur, and Raipur. The company offers a wide range of furniture items, including mattresses, tables, chairs, sofas, almirahs, stools, dressing tables, and more. The furniture is made with high-quality wood and can be customized based on customer requests. Natural Living also offers exchange offers for old furniture.


Royaloak is another major furniture company that offers a stylish selection of indoor, outdoor, and office furniture at affordable prices. The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka and was founded in 2002 by Vijay and Mathan Subramaniam. Royaloak offers a wide range of furniture options from around the world at low prices. The brand also offers free delivery and assembly for all of its furniture.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Furniture

Buying furniture serves to both decorate a home's interior and increase its utility. Your home will look nicer and have a higher-quality design with good interior and furniture. If you purchase high-quality furniture, it will last for a long time if you take good care of it. By following a few simple maintenance instructions, you can extend the life and beauty of your furniture.

Dust regularly:

To ensure that your furniture lasts a long time and maintains its luster, it is crucial to dust it regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to dust your furniture to protect it from fading and scratches.

Cover them when not in use

Try to cover all of your large furniture, such as couches, beds, and dining tables, with a cloth whenever you leave the house to prevent dust or leaks from ruining the items. Be aware of insects, as they can sometimes damage furniture.

Clean with soap and water

When cleaning delicate furniture, always use mild soap or detergent and water. Make sure it is dry before using it.

Protect them from termites

To protect wooden furniture from an unexpected termite attack, it is important to apply anti-termite treatment. Termites can weaken wood over time by eating it. Make sure an anti-termite spray is applied to all of your furnishings.

Polish periodically

Furniture should be polished frequently to preserve its shine and varnish. Depending on the condition and maintenance, you can polish your furniture every year or every six months.

Keep your pets away

If you have pets at home, you should be aware that they can scratch or sit on furniture. Keep furniture away from pets to avoid denting and scratching it. Ensure that your pets use their bedding and scratch their mats instead of your beds or sofas.

Remove sharp objects

Avoid using sharp objects near furniture, such as forks, knives, chopsticks, blades, and cutters. Sharp objects can leave permanent scratches or dents if they are kept near furniture.

Keep away from moisture

A crucial care tip for all types of furnishings is to keep them away from water and moisture. Moisture can damage, decay, and ruin the natural fittings of the furniture. Don't let water, steam, or moisture touch the fixtures or furnishings.

Which brand is good for furniture?

Godrej is a highly recommended brand for furniture. They offer a wide selection of pieces that are suitable for various settings, including homes, workplaces, and public spaces. The quality of their furniture is also excellent. One standout product is the Godrej Interior Queen MDF Bed. Other reputable brands to consider include IKEA, Urban Ladder, Royaloak, and Pepperfry.

Is furniture made in India good quality?

Furniture made in India is generally known for its high quality and durability. In addition to being sturdy and long-lasting, Indian furniture brands also offer some of the most beautiful designs. Moreover, they provide good value for money and are often customizable.

Which Indian wood is best for furniture?

Teak wood is considered to be the best choice for furniture that will be used for a long time. Furniture made from this type of wood is highly durable and resistant to fire, making it a good choice for use in homes, offices, or other public spaces.

Which sofa is low maintenance?

If you are looking for a low maintenance sofa, consider options made from leather, faux leather, or polyester. These materials are generally stain and spill resistant and can be easily wiped down for cleaning. Some cotton textiles are also known to be stain resistant.

How can you tell if furniture is good quality?

There are a few key factors to consider when determining the quality of furniture. Good quality furniture should have strong, screwed or dowelled joints, and may also have dovetailed or mortise-and-tenon joints. The corners should be reinforced with angled blocks. The presence of visible glue, nails, or staples at joints may indicate lower quality.

What factors are important when buying furniture?

When shopping for furniture, there are several factors to consider, including the type of material, color, design, shape, and style. Comfort is also an important factor, as the presence of comfortable furniture can greatly impact the livability of a home or other space.

What materials are used in modern furniture?

Modern furniture often incorporates man-made materials such as plywood, laminated board, chipboard, and hardboard, as well as solid wood. These materials are used in the manufacturing process to create durable and stylish furniture.

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