Exploring the Best Hair Colours in India

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Colouring your hair is easier said than done. The process requires you to spend some money, visit a salon and choose a colour that suits you. Moreover, different hair colour products can cause long term damages, which make the process all the more difficult. However, that need not be the case when you choose the right hair colour products. A quality product will not only help you get used to the colour but will also not cause damages to your hair.

Due to that, you need to explore a list of the best hair colours and move ahead to choose the one that you need the most. With our detailed description bringing out every single detail, you will have all that you need to make up your mind and choose the product that is best suited for you. So go ahead and read more about the best hair colours in India.

GarnierGarnier Colour Naturals Creme Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
L’Oreal ParisL’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
GodrejGodrej Expert Rich Creme Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
BBLUNTBBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
L’Oreal ParisL’Oreal Paris Casting Creme GlossCheck OfferFull Review
RevlonRevlon Top Speed Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
L’Oreal ParisLOreal Paris Professionnel Majirel Hair Colouring CreamCheck OfferFull Review
BiotiqueBiotique Bio-Herb Color Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
SisoSiso Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
Indus ValleyIndus Valley Damage-Free Gel ColourCheck OfferFull Review
StreaxStreax Cream Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
IbaIba Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
BBLUNTBBLUNT Salon Secret Creme Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review
SchwarzkopfSchwarzkopf IGORA Royal Fashion LightsCheck OfferFull Review
BlueCrazy Colour Capri Blue - Semi Permanent Hair ColourCheck OfferFull Review

Top Hair Colours in India (2022)

1. Garnier Colour Naturals Creme Hair Colour

Garnier Colour Naturals has been the go-to brand for many who have always relied on dying their hair. The product is known to contain olive oils, almond oil and avocado oil which makes it a nutritional combination apt for dyeing your hair. With a rich and creamy texture coming into the picture, the cream sticks with your hair without dripping and that makes the process easy.

The 100% grey coverage and 8-week colour lock technology that the product offers go further to make it a standout product that leaves your hair shiny and fresh. Apart from the hair colour, the product also comes with a hair conditioner, pair of gloves, developer milk, hair colourant and so on.

Price - ₹.153


  1. Offers 100% grey coverage
  2. Free from ammonia
  3. Available in several shades like Caramel Brown, Light Brown, Darkest Brown, Natural Black and so on.
We liked:
  1. Ideal for dry and frizzy hair
  2. Enriched with ingredients (almond oil, avocado oil, etc)
  3. Adds lustre and shine
We didn’t like:
  1. Contains silicone and sulfate

2. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Colour

The triple care colour technology that comes with this hair colour makes it a credible product that will always be of great value. With scalp comfort shampoo, creme developer, protective colouring creme, french rose oil nourishing mask and a reliable pair of gloves being a part of the purchase, you will be left with all the tools that are needed to get things underway.

However, that is not all. The backing of a top brand like L’Oreal Paris is bound to bring more as the hair colour arrives in different shades like Plum Brown, Burgundy, Natural Brown, Dark Brown and so on. With these shades coming into the mix, followed with 100% grey coverage, you will surely be left with all that you need.

Price - ₹ 496


  1. Free from ammonia
  2. Offers 100% grey coverage
  3. Brings in a creamy texture
We liked:
  1. Does not drip while applying
  2. Helps your hair shine
  3. Rich and creamy texture
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not last for more than 3 weeks

3. Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour

Godrej's expert rich creme hair colour not only provides 100% grey hair coverage but is also easy to use. The product comes in pre-packed packages of four and is enriched with 10x aloe vera and milk protein. With these ingredients, your hair will be soft, rejuvenated and nourished. Moreover, each of the packers come with a colourant and a hair developer, which need to be mixed in equal proportions in order to get going.

Apart from that, the hair colour is also available in shades such as dark brown, burgundy, black brown and so on. With all these options coming into the picture, you will be left to choose from a good set of options.

Price - ₹.108


  1. Contains milk protein and aloe vera
  2. Free from ammonia
  3. Ideal for strengthening the hair
We liked:
  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Grey coverage that lasts for a month
We didn’t like:
  1. The product does not come with gloves

4. BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour

BBLUNT’s hair colour is free of ammonia and also comes in with a variety of options. However, the main feature of this product is the fact that it suits the Indian skin tone. As the company has been in the industry for years, it is aware of the Indian market and knows how to pack a product that suits your needs. Apart from providing 100% grey coverage, the product is also available in different shades.

Yes, that’s right. BBLUNT’s hair colour comes in natural black, honey light golden brown, blueberry blue black, wine deep burgundy, natural brown and so on. As a result, there are a wide variety of options to choose from and by selecting any one of the following, you will also be receiving a developer tube, colourant tube, shine tonic tube, a pair of gloves, instruction leaflet and so on.

Price - ₹. 149


  1. Offers 100% grey coverage
  2. Free from ammonia
  3. Long lasting hair colour
We liked:
  1. Keeps hair shiny and healthy
  2. Can prevent post-colour damage
  3. Proven to be safe (no rashes)
We didn’t like:
  1. Known to last for 4-5 weeks despite company claims of 8 weeks.

5. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

One of the best features about L’Oreal hair colours is the fact that it can last for long and comes in with some of the best ingredients. The product is known for its quality and L’Oreal makes it a point to provide the same in multiple shades and colours. Moreover, L’Oreal also brings in added conditioning, which should make your hair feel soft and nourished. Considering the fact that this is the second product from L’Oreal to make it to the list, one can get the general idea of how good L’Oreal Paris is.

You can colour your hair with ease and also be glad about the kind of quality that it has to offer.

Price - ₹.440


  1. Free from ammonia
  2. Comes with fine textures
We liked:
  1. Long lasting hair colour (upto 28 shampoos)
  2. Keeps your hair soft
We didn’t like:
  1. Known to fade away

6. Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour

Using Revlon’s hair colour is one of the easiest things to do as it brings together a hassle-free application. The hair colour, which can be processed in minutes, can cover all your grey hair without causing problems. By purchasing it, you will also receive two applicator brushes, where one can be used for complete coverage and the other for a root touch-up. On the other hand, Revlon also brings in two creams that are enriched by Ginseng Root Extract and Mother of Pearl.

The Ginseng root extract is known to nourish the scalp and prevent breakage while the Mother of pearl does a fine job in strengthening hair follicles. As a result, the added benefit of both these creams go a long way in helping you get hold of a classic product. Apart from that, the hair colour is also known to be free of ammonia, thus eliminating the dangerous effects that it brings to the table.

Price - ₹.503


  1. Offers grey coverage in 5 minutes
  2. Includes two kinds of applicator brushes
  3. Available in shades like Brownish Black, Natural Brown, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Deep Mahogany Brown and so on.
We liked:
  1. Easy to use
  2. Adds shine and lustre
We didn’t like:
  1. No drawbacks as of yet

7. L’Oreal Paris Professional Majirel Hair Colouring Cream

L’Oreal Paris is not short of quality products and the L’Oreal Paris Professional Majirel Hair Colouring Cream is out there to prove it. The product comes on board as a fine hair colour that is less damaging than modern hair colours. It comes with various shades and visible tones, which bring in options that help you to choose from. As all these options cater to different kinds of requirements, it is important to make the right pick and go ahead to get things down.

Price - ₹. 368


  1. Offers a special Majirel finish
  2. Long lasting colour
  3. Moisture-rich hair colour
We liked:
  1. Helps to condition the hair
  2. Fine finish, which is even from roots to ends
We didn’t like:
  1. Few reviews indicating a lack of shine

8. Biotique Bio-Herb Color Hair Colour

Biotique bio herb colour hair colour is made of nine herbal extracts, which makes it a good choice for nourishment. The hair colour, which is 100% organic, contains avocado oil, nilini, argan oil, black tea and so on. With the combination of these natural ingredients, the hair colour stands to be one of the best in the market. Moreover, you are also bound to receive samples of shampoo and conditioner, which should surely make the process all the more beneficial.

Moreover, the brand has a legacy of over 25 years, which makes it highly reliable and the fact that it contains herbal extracts, makes it an attractive buy for the Indian market. Products with natural combinations and ingredients have always worked for the better and are known to bring out benefits one after the other.

Price - ₹. 163


  1. Includes a complimentary shampoo and conditioner
  2. Free from ammonia
  3. Comes with a cream developer, nourishing shampoo, pair of gloves, pure cream colourant and instruction manual.
We liked:
  1. Enriches hair with nine herbal extracts
  2. Organic and pure
We didn’t like:
  1. Known to make hair greasy

9. Siso Hair Colour

Siso hair colour brings together rose extract, noni extract and ginseng extract since it is made with all these ingredients. With its easy application being the main highlight, you will be left with a product that offers 100% grey coverage and moves forward to work wonders. Apart from that, it also does a fine job in strengthening and improving your hair’s texture, making it one of the best hair colours in the market.

It does not contain harmful components like paraben, mineral oil, silicone and ammonia, which is ideal for hair colours as they won’t have any side effects. The hair colour is also known to make one’s hair shiny and smooth and can strengthen hair follicles in a bid to prevent damage.

Price - ₹. 380


  1. Free from ammonia, silicone and mineral oil
  2. Offers 100% grey coverage
We liked:
  1. No side effects on the skin
  2. Easy to apply
We didn’t like:
  1. None so far

10. Indus Valley Damage-Free Gel Colour

Indus Valley Damage-Free Gel Colour is another famous option if organic is what you are after. The hair colour, which is loaded with nine natural herbs is free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and comes with 4 sachets of powder, hair mask, gel tube, instruction leaflet, comb, applicator brush and so on. With all these aspects coming into the picture, you will be left with a hair colour that protects you from greying and helps you enjoy your desired colour for a long time.

In terms of shades, this product is also available in light brown, copper mahogany, black, burgundy and brown. As a result, you can choose the colour that you want and look towards utilizing a product that stands up to its claims.

Price - ₹. 518


  1. Natural and organic
  2. Free from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  3. Includes an applicator brush
We liked:
  1. Effective against damaged hair
  2. Protects hair from greying
We didn’t like:
  1. Includes PEG

11. Streax Cream Hair Colour

Streax Cream Hair Colour is a special product that is loaded with walnut and argan oil, making it ideal for strengthening hair follicles, nourishing scalp and a lot more. Since walnuts are known to have biotin, Vitamin C, E and magnesium, you will be glad about the kind of benefits that these ingredients can offer. Not only does this hair colour nourish your hair but can also leave it soft, which adds on to the list of benefits that you are going to get used to.

The hair colour also comes with an UltraShine conditioner, which can add an extra shine and volume to your hair. Apart from that, the product is also made by following the norms of FDA, which makes it safe to use.

Price - ₹.149


  1. FDA Certified
  2. Available shades include flame red, natural black, reddish brown, rich platinum, walnut brown, coffee brown and so on.
We liked:
  1. Capable of soothing the scalp
  2. Nourishes hair strands
We didn’t like:
  1. Reviews about people experiencing dried out hair.

12. Iba Hair Colour

Hair colour products without side effects are the need of the hour and the Iba Hair Colour is another one that shines on this front. It comes free of ammonia, paraben, sulfates and alcohol, which makes it a safe option for everyone to consider. Since it is made of henna and soy protein, you can expect to get hold of a product that not only lasts longer but also does not cause any damage.

The dark brown shade, on the other hand, suits the requirement of the Indian market and goes a long way in eliminating artificial products. By using the product, you can expect to receive hair that is smooth and shiny.

Price - ₹.100


  1. Free from ammonia, mineral oil, alcohol and sulfate
  2. Contains a popular dark brown shade
We liked:
  1. Lasts for long
  2. Made with the goodness of henna and soy protein.
We didn’t like:
  1. A few bad reviews regarding its use

13. BBLUNT Salon Secret Creme Hair Colour

BBLUNT makes a second appearance and this time it's their Secret Creme Hair Colour that deserves all the attention. The ammonia free hair colour is known to have been made by people who were the hairstylists for famous Bollywood movies, thereby cementing their position as experts. The product, on the other hand, is loaded with silk proteins and comes in more than 6 different shades which make it an ideal buy for its asking price.

Due to all that, BBLUNT has come up with another valuable product that goes a long way to be the hair colour of your choice.

Price - ₹.159


  1. Free from ammonia
  2. Arrives in different shades (Blue black, dark brown, cherry red, light golden brown, reddish brown, natural brown, natural black and deep burgundy)
We liked:
  1. Offers a kit
  2. Valuable brand
  3. Enhanced with silk proteins
We didn’t like:
  1. Complaints regarding the hair colour lasting for 4 weeks rather than 8.

14. Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Fashion Lights

The Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Fashion Lights is known to offer a one-step treatment that is easy to use and effective in its output. The high definition treatment offered by the cream has not only raised expectations but has also helped people achieve the kind of shine that they were looking for. The advanced link reinforcing technology that comes into the picture goes a long way to be beneficial and you will begin to understand when you first start using it.

The fact that it does not contain harmful chemicals is another added bonus and an important one that needs to be a part of every hair colour.

Price - ₹.426


  1. Damage free application
  2. Offers long lasting effects
  3. 100% grey coverage
We liked:
  1. Offers intense shade
  2. Free from harmful chemicals
We didn’t like:
  1. Not a lot of drawbacks.

15. Capri Blue : Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour Cream

Semi-permanent hair colours are also in the market and there are buyers for the same. People who don’t want a black or brown shade can opt for Capri Blue : Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour Cream that is a unique product with a special cream based formula. By using this product, you can expect to receive semi-permanent colour that will eventually go on for four to eight washes, making it a classic product that adds value to the money that you pay.

Moreover, you also don’t require to bleach your hair, which is an additional benefit that goes a long way.

Price - ₹. 750


  1. Semi-permanent hair colour that does not require peroxide
  2. Crazy Colour offers a wide variety of hair colours
We liked:
  1. Ideal for all hair types
We didn’t like:
  1. Expensive when compared to the rest

A Guide to Buy the Best Hair Colour

Buying the best hair colour is more than just moving through the best products in the market. While that is the first step, there are other factors and more steps to follow. So now that you are aware of 15 of the hair colours in the market, here’s how you choose one from them.

  1. The Importance of 100% Grey Coverage

Hair colours that guarantee 100% grey coverage needs to be the one that you go after. Not only can they ensure all strands are covered but these hair colours also come with ingredients that promote the product to do so. Due to that, you need to begin shortlisting products with 100% grey coverage and leave out the rest.

  1. Long Lasting Hair Colours

Having to apply the hair colour time and again is a difficult task, especially when you consider the availability of products that last for long. So once you are done shortlisting products based on 100% grey coverage, you need to start looking out for the ones with long-lasting features. In this manner, the process becomes easier and you will be closing in on the product that suits you the most.

  1. Easy To Use & Rich Texture

Hair colours that are easy to use and ones that are rich in texture do make a solid combination that goes a long way in framing a product deemed to be the best. Along with the other factors, these features bring in additional benefits, leaving you with a product that is meant for you. As a result, you have two more factors to look out for with the total being 4.

  1. Free from Harmful Components

Hair colours need to be free from mineral oil, ammonia, silicone and various other harmful components that bring in side effects. Since specific products add these harmful components to enhance the rate of absorption, you need to move away from them and look out for products that do not contain them. Looking out for natural hair colours is the best way to avoid harmful components.

Applying Hair Colour

Once you are aware of the best hair colour, the next step is to apply the same to your hair. While every product comes with instructions, it is important to go through them in a detailed manner before proceeding forward.

  1. Checking all the Tools

The first step on this front is to bring together the right tools, which will usually come with the product that you purchase. From hand gloves to hairbrushes, hair colour products are bound to have all these and once you bring them together, the next step is to mix them.

  1. The Process of Mixing

While mixing the ingredients is easy, you need to do so after reading out all the instructions that are mentioned with the product. And when it comes to applying it, you should always ensure that your hair is clean and dry.

  1. Applying the Hair Colour

The mixture needs to be evenly applied to your hair and once you are done, you need to wait for the prescribed time to get over. Upon referring to the manual, you will be aware of such information and once the prescribed time is done, the next step is to rinse your hair with warm water.


Is it safe to colour my hair by myself?

While it is safe to colour your hair by yourself, it is ideal to consult a professional, if you are doing it for the time. A professional can always guide you in the right manner and also help you choose the product that suits your hair.

Is it okay to colour my hair regularly?

Colouring your hair regularly is safe as long as you follow the right instructions, choose a professional and a product that you can rely on. While you can also carry forward the process on your own, it’s safe to bring in the expert hands of a professional since you aim to do it regularly.

Will hair colours lead to allergic reactions?

Hair colours don’t always lead to allergic reactions. But if one cannot get used to the product and is known to be allergic to a few components, then things could get worse. So always read through the ingredients of the hair colour, understand what it has to offer and then go ahead to purchase it. If you are still not convinced, you can seek the help of an expert.

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