Top 10 Nebulizer Machines in India

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The nebulizer is a modest piece of equipment which converts medication in the form of liquid to aerosolized mist. It is widely used among people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. People remain alongside the equipment in order to inhale the medication using a breather or face shield linked to the device. This permits the medication to immediately infiltrate the breathing. Nebulizers can be employed to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma. Here we will take a look at the best available nebuliser machines in India. 

What exactly is a Nebulizer Machine?

Nebuliser machines can also be termed vapour inhalers which are widely used across the world. It is a device that uses liquid medication and converts it into the mist. The fumes are subsequently consumed through breathing which includes a section that stores fluids. When this compact nebulizer equipment is switched over, the fluid medication is converted into vapours. A nebulizer unit serves to cure asthmatic and some other illnesses of the respiratory organs.

For alleviating breathing problems, this respiratory therapy device creates vapour from liquid medicines which are available in two varieties: 

  • Electric nebulizers
  • Battery-powered nebulizer machines

They are available in two sizes: a compact nebulizer which anyone could transport along plus a bigger one which sits upon a tabletop and plugs onto a surface. Each of the variants comes with a holder. This therapeutic nebuliser consists of a tiny fluid medication bottle as well as tubing which connects the blower towards the bottle. The vapour is inhaled through a breather or covered well over a drug container on this professional nebulizer equipment.

Nebulizer machine treatment, also known as "atomizer respiratory device medication," is really an extremely handy approach to providing asthmatic medicine to infants or individuals who have difficulty using ordinary inhalers. Nebulizer devices utilize electricity to transform intravenous fluids to vapour, such as albuterol, which is effectively an asthmatic medication. This vapour subsequently flows along a pipe and exits over a shield or inhaler head. Nebulizers are indeed an excellent choice for patients who require medicine to be delivered straight. 

The nebulizer machine is also well supported and suggested by many superiors like:

  • Global Initiative for Asthma Guidelines [GINA] 
  • British Guidelines on the management of Asthma
  • The Canadian Pediatric Asthma Consensus Guidelines
  • United States Guidelines for Diagnosis

Portable Nebulizer vs Vapor Inhaler Machine

Inhalers, where you can arrange the dose, are usually preferred over nebulizer medicines in asthma therapy. One might never need to incorporate inhaler equipment or a ventilator device if one suffers from breathing problems. One might also purchase an oxidation injector device, which is typically almost as helpful. A nebulizer, on the other hand, could administer medication using minimal exertion compared to conventional oxygen inhalation equipment. One could choose whether to use a neb device or inhalation equipment to receive the medication one requires.

The decision between a respiratory inhalation unit and personal nebulizer equipment could well be influenced by if users consider a nebulizer quicker to operate as well as the sort of medication that is consumed. The majority of asthmatic nebulisers remain compact and portable. Moreover, several asthmatic treatment units are powered by turbines. The ultrasonic inhaler, a distinct type of pneumatic aspirator, works by using soundwaves and is one type of inhaler which is less noisy.

It is dependent upon each person plus fitness. The physician could advise you on regardless of whether you should have inhaler therapy or utilize vapour equipment for asthma. Nevertheless, newborns and small kids can almost certainly require the usage of a vaporizer rather than inhalation. Talking alongside a medical professional is indeed the greatest method to discover whether a vaporizer or inhalation works appropriately. One may advise about whatever is appropriate for oneself and provide the appropriate medicine to accompany the treatment.

Different Types of Nebulizer Machines:

There are basically two kinds of nebuliser machines available in India

Ultrasonic Nebulizer Machine: 

For generating the required vapour, ultrasonic nebulisers use a crystal oscillator that vibrates over higher harmonics (1-3 MHz). These are usually classified as huge supersonic nebulisers or limited supersonic nebulisers. Tiny ultrasound ones are made to administer inhalation drugs, whilst huge ultrasound ones are applied to administer supersaturated solutions during phlegm production. When contrasted to conventional inhaler devices, acoustic nebulisers possess significant drawbacks. In particular, compressors feature serious and lasting quantities, incapacity for aerosolized compounds, and high-temperature compound degradation. As a result, compounds must never be utilized alongside liquids or carbohydrates.

Mesh Nebulizer Machine: 

Significant advancements in handheld nebulizer equipment innovation have resulted in the creation of mesh inhaler devices that use actuation techniques for producing aerosols. Devices produce aerosols by forcing aqueous drugs via many pores in a mesh and porosity sheet. These feature smooth rides, fast therapy periods, higher production effectiveness, and little inspiratory reserve as tiny and transportable inhaler devices supplied through neither energy nor electrical form. Mesh inhaler devices provide benefits such as constant and enhanced mist production, a primarily perfect percentage penetrating through towards the periphery airway, minimal leftover capacity, as well as the capacity to nebulize with small medication amounts.

Top 10 Nebuliser Machines available in India

S No.Product NamePrice
1Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer₹ 2,799
2Dr. Morepen Piston Compressor Motor Nebulizer C-10₹ 2,089
3Handynab Nulife Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer₹ 1749
4Thermocare TP-GIO1 Piston Compressure Nebulizer with Complete Kit Neb (White&blue)₹ 1,249
5Agaro Compressor Nebulizer – NB 21₹ 1,800
6Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer₹ 2,299
7MCP Handy Air Compressor Nebulizer₹ 1,399
8Dr Trust Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Machine₹ 8,999
9Bestest Plus Compressor Nebulizer Machine₹ 3,500
10DeVilbiss Pulmo-aide compact Compressor Nebulizer₹ 3,000

Top Nebulizer Manufacturers in India

Dr Morepen

Dr Morepen is among India's finest dependable established names. They have gained a significant amount of experience mostly in the inhaler marketplace and offer their customers functional inhaler alternatives. The Compressor Nebulizer (CN-10) is a famous type that is built specifically for users with asthmatic diseases and has a turbine that may outlast a lifespan. It comes with a 6 ml compartment size and is presently available for about 2200 INR. Dr Morepen has production locations all around the globe as well.


Omron is a multinational corporation in the industrial area that produces a wide range of items such as electrical technology, workplace hardware, and hospital instruments. With its heritage, the firm offers a number of the top inhalers in the industry, mostly for pulmonary illnesses. Its layout is current and secure for all types of customers. Such items' effectiveness is among the greatest in the sector, and they include simulated actuator innovation, which is usually present in high-end devices. Nonetheless, considering the innovation, the items remain a little more expensive which costs around 2800 INR in India.


Equinox is a new high-tech appliance supplier which is making inroads throughout such a market owing to its well-researched varieties and processing capabilities. Equinox's newest inhaler could cure a variety of respiratory ailments, but also its simple functioning allows it simple for customers to use. This features a uniquely constructed non-heating motor which prevents unnecessary overheating, making it a one-of-a-kind technology throughout this market. The device's structure is likewise quite small, which assists in preservation that enables it to be convenient in transport. Although being outfitted by cutting-edge innovation, the device is reasonably priced and of high durability. The most recent NL-72 nebulizer pricing in India is about 1300 INR.

Thermo Plast

Thermo Plast, founded in 1980, is one of the most reputable gadget producers in India. They successfully established a reputation for dependable and useful premium items. Their position across India enables them to service a vast core audience. The inhaler provides efficient remedies and therapy for ailments such as allergies, COPD, wheezing, coughing, and others. This company's innovation allows everything to vaporize the drug onto granular materials much quicker, which performs quite effectively upon that nasal system. Thermo Plast merchandise is offered extremely inexpensively inside the Indian industry, making them highly enticing for customers.

Medtech Life Pvt Ltd

Medtech is a well-known corporation which services about 70 nations and maintains a major foothold in the Indian peninsula. It is well-known for its low-cost items and broad appeal. Among its most notable characteristics are durable housing, a powerful expander, and a battery life of nearly one hour.  Nonetheless, it provides a shorter guarantee on its items, although be certain that they are lengthy and will fulfil their function.

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