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Time to switch to an electric toothbrush for better plaque cleaning and improved dental hygiene. Choose the best electric toothbrush that meets your needs.

Man's purpose of inventing machinery was to perform tasks better than they manually can. It will be of no wonder if they designed electric toothbrushes to clean gums and teeth for improved oral health. Electric toothbrushes are designed to clean your gums and teeth way better than a manual toothbrush can.

Electric toothbrushes started gaining popularity in India very recently. The demand for electric toothbrushes surged high after 2019. Although they were available in the market before, their price and accessibility built a gap between consumers and electric toothbrushes. Most people only opted for an electric toothbrush if it was suggested by the dentist.

The covid 19 pandemic was the time people became more conscious about their overall health. This encouraged more people to switch to electric toothbrushes as they realised the importance of oral hygiene. Electric toothbrushes are found to remove plaque effectively, helping keep teeth decay and gum diseases  under control.

The advantage of changing your manual toothbrush to electric tooth brush is that they can benefit your overall oral health. Using an electric toothbrush can reduce your tooth decay by 18% and help prevent gum recession.  Even though the initial investment of an electric toothbrush may seem high, it can be a lifetime worth of investment.

How do electric toothbrushes work?

  •  Electric toothbrush usually comes with a vibrating feature, which helps in better plaque removal every time you brush your teeth. For advanced cleaning, electric toothbrushes come with heads that rotate in both directions. The micro movements of vibration combined with oscillatory movements of the head  are really effective at removing plaque. Electric toothbrushes that have both vibrating and rotating features work better than toothbrushes that just vibrate. Continued use of an electric toothbrush for more than three months is shown to reduce plaque formation by 21%.


  • Electric toothbrushes have been developed for disabled people, elderly people and sick people brushing speed, which cannot be imitated by human hands,  battery-powered electric toothbrushes, compact and lightweight package.


  • Taking care of your teeth is essential for preventing decay and gum disease, and our roundup of the best electric toothbrushes will help you do just that.


  • Though pricier than manual toothbrushes, think of them as an investment; the better you look after your teeth and gums now, the less likely you are to face costly and invasive dental treatment in the future.

Is an oscillating or sonic toothbrush better?

If you have decided to shift from manual toothbrush to electric toothbrush the next question that can concern you is, whether to opt for an oscillating or sonic toothbrush. There aren't many studies to show the superiority of one method over the other. In the end the best is always what works for you. 

The principle by which an oscillating electric toothbrushes work is by using a back and forth rotating motion. The rotating head helps you clean your teeth precisely and deeply without using excess pressure that can cause gum damage.

Sonic technology works on the principle of faster vibration. This can create a tingling sensation in your mouth which takes time to get used to. The quick vibration of the toothbrush can help in deeper cleaning between the teeth and the gums .

How do I choose an electric toothbrush?

With so much variety of choice available  on the market, choosing an electric toothbrush that can be affordable and effective can be a little overwhelming. When you shop for an electric toothbrush for you or for your loved ones, keep an eye on the features. 

Timer: Dentist recommends a two minute brushing twice a day for maintaining proper oral hygiene. The best electric toothbrushes will have a reminder  to help you brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes. This feature can come in handy when you are trying to build a healthy habit for your kids. 

Cleaning modes: Some toothbrushes offer different cleaning modes as the number of modes they offer increases the price also goes high . The mode changes offered by certain toothbrushes are in fact effective if you want to target specific goals. Most toothbrushes offer modes like daily clean,deep clean, gum care and teeth whitening mode.

Pressure sensor: Good and expensive electric toothbrushes include a pressure sensor that lights up when you’re pushing too hard on your teeth to keep you from damaging them. If you are a person brushing your teeth too aggressively, you need a toothbrush with this feature. Aggressive brushing can lead to gum receding which can lead to some serious oral health issues like sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and lead to your tooth falling off.

Brush Heads: Some expensive and advanced brushes come with specific brushes depending on your needs, while some brushes come with all rounder brush heads. Few brush heads are specifically designed to get between the teeth to offer a deep clean everyday. If the brush is for kids you need to go for a brush with smaller heads. Some brands come with brush heads designed for reaching the back of your teeth. Others offer softer bristles that  are gentle on sensitive gums.

Which brand of electric toothbrush is best?

    Oral B iO8 Black Ultimate Clean Electric Toothbrush with a Travel Case

With a price range of 10000 plus I would consider it expensive. It is one of the premium toothbrushes available in the market. The price of the product when released was even higher. It comes with a toothbrush handle,a toothbrush head,magnetic charger and a travel case. This toothbrush will impress the tech geeks with the app feature. You can see a live 3D display of you brushing your teeth on your smartphone. The app can also give information like remaining battery life,duration of brushing,spots you missed etc. 

The thing that didn't impress me was the price itself ; but if you are okay with spending money for luxury this product will be for you. Also found it hard to keep the brush clean. Like most luxury products, Oral B iO8 does require thorough maintenance.

Brush action: magnetic iO technology

Number of cleaning modes: 6 smart modes

Features:  Quick charging, artificial intelligence, magnetic iO technology, pressure sensor, colour display.

Number of cleaning modes: 3

Features: Charge light, two-minute timer

Included accessories: Toothbrush handle,a toothbrush head,magnetic charger, travel case

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300

Philips Sonicare  Protective clean is an affordable toothbrush. It has a gentle liquid flow motion to be not harsh on teeth and gums. The  simplistic design of the 4300 mode is light and comfortable to be held. You can shift intensities on this brush even though they don't offer different modes. It also has a quad pacer to ensure that you brush for 2 minutes with 30 second intervals.Sonicare sonic technology gives a refreshing clean to its mouth with its powerful bristle vibrations which help in cleaning between your teeth and gums.

Easy Start : Power adjusts over the first 14 uses to help you adjust to Sonicare technology

Quadpacer & Smart timer : Helps ensure dental professional recommended 2 minute brushing time and ensures thorough brushing of each quadrant of mouth

Brush action: Sonic

Number of cleaning modes: 3

Features: Charge light, two-minute timer, easy start,pressure sensor

Included accessories: charger, travel case,Induction charging base

AGARO COSMIC PLUS Sonic Electric ToothBrush For Adults With 5 Modes, 5 Brush Heads

Agaro Cosmic Plus Sonic with its affordable price range has a  toothbrush that has superior sonic technology to  deep clean teeth effectively.  With a nylon DuPont head promising a 10 times more effective plaque removal. The W shaped bristles with its 5 modes help maintain oral hygiene. The product has a battery power that can last for up to 25 days. It doesn't have too many pointless cleaning modes, but the essential whitening, cleaning, sensitive, polishing, massage modes. For everything from cleaning performance to style this is a great electric toothbrush that offers 5 modes.

Brush action:  Superior sonic technology

Number of cleaning modes: 5

Features: Interdental Brush Head, 2 min auto shut-off, IPX7 Waterproof

Included accessories: Replacement  brush head, travel case,USB recharge

Colgate Advanced Electric Toothbrush

The Colgate brand has been a household name for every Indian when it comes to oral hygiene. The brand has yet another impressed us with the  Advanced Electric Toothbrush. It  is an affordable luxury toothbrush. The design and look of the product in white with a golden hue is a sleek luxury. A customisable brushing experience within a 5000 range indeed is an affordable luxury.

The toothbrush has a timer that lets you brush for 2 minutes and  tells you when to move quadrants so that your brushing is divided into all areas of your mouth. The brush comes with 4 modes Squeaky Clean, Sparkle, Gum Care and Night Spa and with a feature to select intensity from in built 10 intensity settings.

Brush action:  Customisable

Number of cleaning modes: 4

Features:  4 brush modes,  smart pressure sensor, vibration and intensity control,2 min quad pacer

Included accessories:  Electric toothbrush handle, soft brush head, travel case, charging table.

Kids Electric Toothbrush

Getting a kid to make them brush their teeth is never an easy task. Most kids hate brushing, while others chew on the bristles and call it a day.  The only way a child can develop a healthy oral hygiene habit  is by learning the correct method. Most parents opt for manual brushes with colourful and cool designs. These brushes may get your child to take the brush into their hands, but the job is still undone.

For both adults and kids for a proper dental cleaning, they need to brush for a minimum of two minutes. If you are looking for a way to teach your little one a healthy brushing habit an electric toothbrush will come handy. 

When you pick a toothbrush for your child, pick an appropriate one with the right size and features such as a timer,vibration,bristles etc.

Oral B Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

The Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush has every feature that is seen in their models for adults. To make them into  kids' favourites, they changed their look and size into more colourful and smaller ones.

It comes in the princess and avengers theme. The themes are fun and  motivating to the  little Disney or Marvel fans to brush their teeth twice a day. The brush is affordable  and fits nicely in little hands.The brush has extra-soft bristles to prevent gum bleeding.





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