The Best Bean Bag Brands in India

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Bean bags have moved from a luxurious product to a comfort-inducing product that has lately been termed a requirement. With the advancing needs of home decor, bean bags come in and fill the gap with ease. Due to that, every household is out looking for a bean bag and wants to get hold of the best one in the market. However, one cannot just go out and start shopping with the hope that they will find the best bean bag. 

You need to know all about the best bean bag brands in the market and ultimately, the top products that they have to offer. So relax and read the following write-up as we begin your journey towards finding the best bean bag. 

What To Look for in a Bean Bag

When getting a bean bag for you or for your friends or family, always keep in mind the purpose of getting it.  Rather than being just aesthetically pleasing decor, bean bags can serve a lot of purposes and it comes in a variety of size, shape and design.


Suitable to your needs, bean bags can come in different shapes. The first designed bean bag ‘Sacco’ which was pear-shaped is still popular today. These pear shapes are classic and nostalgic. Another popular design is the circular bean bags that you can sink into and gives you room for movement. Yet another popular design is the king bean design, basically, a big rectangle-shaped bean bag that can serve you a comfortable time.


Most bean bags go for inexpensive fillings such as polystyrene beads but the drawback of polystyrene is that they are not biodegradable and eco-friendly. Some brands go for an environment-friendly method of using recycled materials as their filling. Make sure the bean bags you buy have non-toxic components for filling. Depending on the type of filling used the bags will have specific sensory details. 


The design of your bean bags comes into matter depending on their use of it. When you are looking for a bean bag for extensive use like that of a lounge chair, bed, footstool etc. you should get bean bags that are fit for the purpose. 

 Cover type

The first bean bag was designed with a leather cover which made it expensive. Now bean bags are designed with covers made from a variety of fabrics. Bean bags now come with removable covers that can be washed and to meet outdoor needs there are bean bag covers that are water-resistant, dustproof and UV light-resistant.

Always go for buying a larger size bean bag to give more comfort. You can opt for smaller ones for your kids. There are bean bags that come in more vibrant colours and patterns that suit your kids' liking. 

The Best Bean Bag Brands in India

Dr Smith Filled Bean Bag

Dr Smith has been offering customers different kinds of furniture products that help you explore the importance of quality. Their products have always been rated highly and continue to dominate the market. And another section that has hit the right chord is their bean bags. Coming in with a wide range of collections, their bean bags involve products in different colours and styles, which should certainly help you get what you need. 

Moreover, their bean bags are known to offer the right level of comfort which ticks the main requirement that we all expect to receive from a bean bag. They are also easy to clean and are known to improve your body posture. So to sum it all up, here are the best features of their bean bags. 

  1. Comfortable and stylish 
  2. Affordable pricing 
  3. Improves body posture
  4. Easy to clean

Couchette Bean Bag

[amazon_api pro_id=B084LDTL3M star=3.7 reviews=70 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

Couchette is a popular name and you will notice a line of their products when you begin to associate them with bean bags. Their bags are not only luxurious but can also offer comfort that suits kids and adults. The range of collections that they offer also helps you move through some of the best products in the market and you are bound to find one that suits your needs. Apart from bean bags, Couchette is also famous for TV cabinets, console tables and outdoor bean bags. 

However, their bean bag section remains the most popular out of the lot and it is because it has some of the best features like the ones mentioned below. 

  1. 1-year manufacturing warranty
  2. Ideal for both kids and adults
  3. Couch-like design

Mollismoons Bean Bag

[amazon_api pro_id=B082NFWHG7 star=4.3 reviews=767 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

Mollismoons is another top brand on this front as they offer some of the best products to make your house beautiful. Their collection of bean bags is exceptional as they not only provide you with options but can also make a difference with foam laminated cotton fabric that stands out from the rest. Due to that, one can say that their bean bags offer a luxurious upgrade to your room and goes a long way in being styled for seating and sleeping. 

The teardrop shapes that they arrive in are also quite authentic and can do the task of being a proper addition to your room when you simply want to impress guests. So here are some of the best features of Mollismoons bean bags. 

  1. Round and teardrop shapes
  2. Ideal for seating and sleeping
  3. Foam laminated cotton fabric

Solimo Bean Bag by Amazon

[amazon_api pro_id=B08GRY77P9 star=3.9 reviews=4704 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

If you’re looking out for quality bean bags at affordable prices, Solimo is the best option for you. Their bean bags not only come with leatherette fabric but are also inexpensive. Moreover, they also come with a zipper and velcro system that does a fine job of preventing the beans from spilling out. As a result, Solimo bean bags are capable of hitting all the right chords and can always turn things up for good. 

Another important feature refers to the fact that it comes with a year’s warranty and 10-day replacement options. So without further ado, here are the best features of this product that stands out from the rest. 

  1. Includes velcro and zipper
  2. Double-stitched 
  3. Includes a handle strap 
  4. One year warranty

Sattva Classic Bean Bag

[amazon_api pro_id=B082VCN6FJ star=3.9 reviews=1526 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

Comfort and a contemporary design model are two of the most important highlights of Sattva Classic bean bags. Their products, like the rest, are comfortable to sit on and can adjust to any position that you deem right. With their effortless setting, you can always look towards the product to lower your back pain and you will not have to spend a lot of money on the same. Their range of bean bags also comes with a 6-month manufacturing warranty for product damage and you will also get up to 10 days for a replacement. 

So here are the best features that make this product a classic. 

  1. Contemporary design 
  2. Affordable and ideal for people with back pain
  3. Comes in different colours and sizes. 

Urban Style Decor Bean Bag

[amazon_api pro_id=B08ZNK3K7C star=5.0 reviews=02 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

A wide range of bean bags and furniture items that come at low prices are a few of the main ingredients that keep Urban Style Decor bean bags a top option to consider. Their bean bags come with a host of features and comfort stands out from the crowd. Apart from that, they also offer customers options, which should help you see different kinds of bean bags at affordable prices. However, the manufacturer is yet to provide warranty services, which seems like the only drawback with this brand. 

  1. Affordable range of bean bags
  2. Comfortable and easy to carry around
  3. unique designs 

Bambeano Baby Bean Bag

 To give your newborns the support and comfort of bean bags, get them a bambeano baby bean bag. They are made of soft cotton fabric to avoid irritation and rashes to the soft skin of newborns. To keep it clean and safe for your newborns the product is washable. It is made of components that make it breathable and non-allergenic. It is also fire and water-resistant and has a soft padded harness to keep the baby from rolling around.

  1. Support for babies
  2. Quality material
  3. washable


With multiple brands forcing you to purchase their product, it can get confusing and you might not be able to pick what you want. So a shortlist featuring 6 top brands is certainly going to make matters count and you will be able to get it all. These brands are not only some of the best in the market but have also changed through time to adapt to your needs and requirements. 

So moving through these options will be ideal and will ensure that you get what you need. 




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