20 March, 2023

5 Best Chinese Foods Decrypted:

By Susmita Nath

Paneer Chilli

Delicious fluffy paneer meets fiery chilli in this one of a kind dhamaaka dish! With a soft, melt-in-mouth taste that has an occasional blast of spices thrown in, this is a dish you can’t miss!

Schezwan Fried Rice

The true baap of all Desi Chinese dishes, Schezwan Fried Rice is our go-to dish for every occasion! The mix of spicy flavours really brings out a new love for boring rice dishes!


These gooey, spicy delights are heaven rolled up in a ball! Craving for some? Well, just head to the store, pick up a pack of Ching’s Manchurian Masala for Rs. 10/- and get rolling!


Don’t be mean….khao aur khilao Chowmein! That pun may be bad, but chowing down on Chowmein definitely isn’t! This hotpot of fiery noodles has a different taste with every bite.

Manchow soup

Cold? Sore throat? That’s the perfect bahaana to gulp down some Manchow soup! The sweet-sour and comforting taste of the thick soup that’s mixed with a broth of veggies and a blend of soy sauce

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