10 January, 2023

5 Best Pizza Options

By Shubhra Rani

Domino Pizza

No one can say no to a Domino Pizza. Farm House, Peppy Paneer Pizza, Double Cheese Margherita are the most loved! The most cheese that can be found in a pizza can be found on their famed cheese crust.

Pizza Hut

The hand-tossed pizzas from Pizza Hut are their most well-known product line. Four hand-tossed pizza varieties are available: spicy chicken overload, vegetable overload, paneer overload, and spice overload.

La Pinoz

Don’t hold yourself back to try out the popular, Indian-origin and reasonably-priced pizzas. You will dote on these pizzas they offer: Cheesy Mac Veg, English Retreat, Paneer Tikka Butter Masala, Peri Peri Veg, Yuan Special.

US Pizza

Ranging from cheesy to spicy delicacies with a variety of exotic flavours, you have the option of creating a pizza that is unique to your tastes. Spicy Treat Pizza, Balle Balle Pizza, and Cheese Burst Pizza are the favourites forever!

Chicago Pizza

The flavour and Chicago-style of this pizza make it unique.Chicken Ham Pizza slice, Paneer Pizza pie, Pepperoni Pizza cannot be missed to try.

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