23 March, 2023

5 Payment Online Myths: Ft. Simpl

By Susmita Nath

They will steal all our money

Digital payment service providers are investing in data encryption to ensure the consumer and merchant experience is safe and transparent.

Set-Up Process Is Complicated

Integrating Simpl's Pay-in-3 or Pay Later feature is easy and compatible with Shopify, Juspay, Woocommerce and Razorpay.

Online Payments is Expensive!

Online payment implementation costs are affordable and can be reduced to zero by eliminating credit and debit card machines.

Buying in person is better

While we agree this is missing in online shopping, customers also stand to get a lot more. Lucrative offers and rewards, easy product returns.

Online Payment Systems

Flexibility is essential for any business, and introducing an online payment system is the first step to increasing brand value.

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