11 January, 2023

Affordable Beauty DIY

By Susmita Nath

Image Credit: Time For Some Skincare, Maybe?

Hair Moisturise tired tresses

Hair that is frequently heated-styled (with a flat iron or curling iron, for example), dyed, or highlighted might become dried out. From your refrigerator, apply a hydrating mask on your mane.

Prevent split ends

When it comes to DIY beauty tips, coconut oil kind of acts as a magic bullet because there are so many things you can do with it and how versatile it is. It's fantastic for keeping hair hydrated.

Face Clean skin naturally

Your face can benefit from apple cider vinegar too. But in this case, you can use its astringent qualities to lessen shine.

Treat sun-damaged skin

This delicious and simple serum is ideal for relaxing areas that have been exposed to too much sun. It works wonders on the nose, forehead, shoulders, and upper body.

Give your deodorant back up

Want to be sure you’re absolutely, positively BO-free? Top off your deodorant with a light dusting of baking soda (just a pinch, since you don’t want to powder your clothes).

Get a smoother bod

Have you heard about how damaging to the environment the tiny beads used in exfoliating scrubs are? Create your own scrub to have naturally smooth, radiant skin.

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