24 February, 2023

Best Breweries In Bangalore:

By Susmita Nath


You have to love the quirky name of this rooftop brewery in Bangalore; they even maintain the theme throughout the place and are also one of the first to do that in Bangalore.

Arbor Brewing Company

It is one of the best craft breweries in Bangalore, and the folks running the place are passionate about their brews. Their menu guides both beer-lover and non-enthusiasts.

Windmills Craftworks

This is one of the best microbreweries in Bangalore. It has a great ambience created through fantastic lighting schemes that make the atmosphere lively and have different seating.

Simon Says Brew Works

When you arrive at this brewery, you will find that it is themed around the game Simon Says. They have utilised the right neon colours to create a retro atmosphere.

Stories - A Brew Chapter

Stories is a nice rooftop brewery that you can visit with your friends if you are looking for a place that has classic beers as well as a cosy ambience which they create by using mist.

XOOX Brewmill

The ambience is a must when you want to visit a pub, and this place lives up to it. Although a dark-themed Rendez-Vous, the bar maintains its lighting.

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