28 December, 2022

Gift Card Sites for Savingggg!!!!

By Utkarsh Gupta

Image Credit: The List Of Few Gift Card Sites


Gyftr.com is a website that allows users to purchase and send gift cards for a variety of retailers and businesses. The website also offers a loyalty program, called the Gyftr Rewards program, which allows users to earn points and redeem them for rewards such as discounts on gift cards and other perks.


Magicpin is a Indian rewards and discovery platform that allows users to earn cashback and discounts at local businesses. The company also offers gift vouchers, which can be used to purchase products and services at participating businesses.


Woohoo is an Indian company that offers a platform for purchasing and sending digital gift cards. The Woohoo website and mobile app allow users to browse a selection of gift cards from different retailers and brands, and purchase them online using a credit card or other payment method. Woohoo gift cards can be sent as digital gifts to friends and family via email or text message.


Paytm is an Indian financial services company that offers a wide range of products and services, including a gift card platform. Paytm gift cards can be used to make purchases at participating retailers and businesses.


IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) is an Indian e-commerce company that specializes in selling gifts and gift items, including gift cards. The company offers a range of gift cards for different occasions and purposes, such as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and corporate gifts.

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