20 March, 2023

Hacks To Keep Refrigerators Clean:

By Susmita Nath

Align and define

To keep the refrigerator fresh and clean, the first thing to do is to line it with shelf liners.

Cruise with Lazy Susan

Ever heard of Lazy Susan? The Lazy Susan works wonders in the fridge. You can simply spin it to bring things.

Make it easier, sort it out

To make sorting easier, group various type of foods and store them in clear storage boxes.

To store or not to store

If you want to store fresh fruits, salads or anything that’s ready to eat, the best place to put them is in a mason jar

Don’t go wayward, use a magnetic board

Stick a magnetic dry-erase board on the fridge and note down the expiration dates of the various food items.

Eggs go no chill

Eggs are undoubtedly the trickiest thing to handle in a fridge. Always keep the eggs in a tray which can be locked .

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