14 March, 2023

Protect Jewellery From Tarnishing

By Shubhra Rani

Why Does It Happen?

Body oils, cosmetics, sweat, deodorants, lotions, and other exterior substances react with metal surfaces.

Keep It Dry

Jewellery should be wiped and dried immediately after use, since plating and metals break off oils over time.

Store It Properly

Use a cloth pouch to keep your jewels protected from the sun, air and safe from scratches and chips.

Jewellery Protect Spray

A variety of sprays like Tarnish Me Not (100% hypoallergenic) is available at most craft and hardware stores.

Separate Jewellery

Silver jewellery and fine jewellery should not be worn together, and vice versa for costume and silver jewellery.

Use Containers

Invest in closed containers that help to reduce the amount of moisture and oxygen to extend the life of jewellery.

Regular Cleaning

Remedies, foams, and pastes can be used to clean jewellery, but be sure to do it in a small area before finishing.

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