9 February, 2023

Space-Saving Tips for Indian homes:

By Shubhra Rani

Maximize Unused Areas

Install shelves near seating areas and windows to create a mini library or reading nook.

Reform Religious Spaces

Find a nook and have your place of any worship constructed there to save on separate room space.

Consider Bunk Beds

Bunk beds with built-in storage are a great space-saving option for young siblings’ bedrooms.

Utilize Trundle Beds

For small guest rooms, opt for a single bed with a trundle to accommodate without taking up too much space.

Opt Under Bed Storage

Choose beds with storage options accessible through drawers or hydraulic lift-up mechanisms.

Opt Kitchen Islands

Add cabinets underneath your kitchen island to double as storage and preparation space.

Use Sofa Backs

Add a slim shelf behind the sofa to store everyday items or display decorative accents.

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