14 March, 2023

Tips For Pet-Friendly Homes

By Shubhra Rani

Don’t Use Rugs/ Carpets

Rugs and carpets can accumulate hair and bacteria, which is not good for pets. A hardwood floor or textured tiles are preferable.

Keep Valuable Items Up

Pets should be kept out of reach of fragile items such as picture frames and vases to avoid sniffing chemicals or breaking glasses.

Ensure Protected Wires

Use cable shields to prevent pets from chewing on wires of TV, lamps which may be hanging. Ensure overall concealed wiring.

Light Colored Upholstery

Choose a non-white colour for pillows, and curtains. Scratch-free faux leather sofas and furniture are easy to clean and don't absorb odour.

Get Lidded Trash Cans

Stored in apt places, trashcans with lids can prevent pets from getting into the trash full of harmful chemicals, uneatable items.

Suitable Indoor Plants

Use indoor plants that are pet-friendly and enhance home decor simultaneously, such as Spider plants, Parlor Palm, Areca Palm, etc.

Regular Home Hygiene

A pet-friendly home requires investing in a good vacuum cleaner and making a habit of brushing pets outside to reduce dead hair.

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