6 January, 2023

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

By Rashi Agrawal

Cakes and Flower

Nothing can go wrong with some delicious desert and flowers, whose aromas will make you remember them. Sites such as IGP, Indiagift.in offer online services to deliver these items in other cities as well.


The best ever budget friendly gift to give someone, so that with every puff you make them feel you’re with them all along the journey. Be it Miniso, Zara, Engage are some of the go to brands.


Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bagit, Caprese and many more offer a variety of wallets and purses that would make an excellent present to give someone.

Photo Frame

A collection of beautifully framed photos makes it the perfect gift for your partner.


Brands such as Boat, Apple, Sennheiser offer a variety of headphones and earphones and often have sale going on to their site.

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